Here and there...

Time is running out fast or maybe I am too slow. Or I am in between somewhere. The past one week has been a blur. I have written posts and deleted them. All rubbish. Too many Facebook status updates, too much bubble popping game and not much sleep. 

People tell me sleep at least 12 hours a day now! But I am grateful that I manage about 3-4 hours on good days.   I haven't been much talking to people either. Especially at home I have been quiet much to my parents' chagrin. I always have something to say but not these days. Its like history repeating itself - flashback to 2003 when I had gone into complete hibernation. Practically starved myself of everything - food, company and conversation. No clue why. Lost a lot of weight though...

This time round I only seem to be piling on a lot of weight. Lol. Wasn't speaking to my sister too, for reasons best known to me. 

It is Ganesh Chaturthi today. I am sort of excited, more agitated. Work is real slow because I cannot concentrate. Have been talking a lot to my mom in law and those are the only highlights in my day. Thats it for now. Another meaningless post. Chao. 


  1. have fun on Ganesh chaturthi yarrr...ganpati bappa moryaaaa....liked this post ya..time is running out fast or v r too slow...vallah intersting buddy:)

  2. You're lucky to have such a mom-in-law, Nikita. Not everyone gets it! Can understand it by the meaning of 'highlighted'.
    About the weight bit and other wishes, just don't worry.

  3. @ R.Ramesh

    Thank you! :D

    @ Sneha

    I am not the one who is worrying about the mom is and have to fit into a sexy have to lose that flab!

  4. i always knew that women drive men insane. now this a first. driving yourself insane? :P

  5. @ Whiskey

    Yes somewhere close to that! :P

  6. I am waiting for a pic of you in the sexy lehenga girl. Lose all the flab that you have to and do it soon. Hope I worried you!! Happy Ganesh chaturthi to you.

  7. Okay! That was strange. I hope everything's fine :)

    And am sure you probably won't care for it now, but I can't hold myself from saying this. It's not "chao", it's "ciao" :P

  8. @ Blunt Edges

    Yes! I know. My excuse - confusing times. Thanks!


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