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Just shut your trap

An apt image for me right now. Looks like most of my weekends I am going to end up feeling this way. Its the same old story and the same old rant. I hate having to promise something that I am not going to do and being promised something only to continue doing it. May I suggest something very simple? Just don't freaking promise me anything! It helps. Because once I know someone is not going to do it then there is no hope and no hope means no disappointments. And leave me be. 

But no...promises, promises and promises, what for? For breaking them after they are made. Take my parents for example, they always promise to take some action against a certain somebody for misbehaving. No that has not happened in the longest of times. And frankly I don't care. My mom is never on time so I just grin when she tells me to do something on time. And whenever I am around dad, he starts to crib about how dirty the house is! What happens when his lil precious one is around? Nothing. He goes mum then. Hilarious. 

And my boyfriend [he insists that we are still boyfriend/girlfriend even though we are engaged] has already started behaving like a disinterested husband. Work takes over my time for him. The MAC is more important and yeah, suddenly he wants shorter conversations. For heck sake, we have a long distance relationship which is already tough but no shorter and shorter it gets by the day. 

Romance has of course taken a back seat. He insists that we are never going to be a boring couple. But hey...I am already yawning! Bah. Whatever. I can go on and on. 

I love my work and moreso now because I don't have anything else to do. So its taken for granted that I am a workaholic and yeah, I will never be able to be the homely girl people expect me to be. I have one question - Do I look like I care? Frankly with so much going on...I don't. Think what you want to. There is time till I get married and I am going to do what I like till then!

Another stupid thing that comes my way these days is - learn to cook and look after your husband. Okay what about me? I am the one who is going to leave my family behind and go into a new house. So why doesn't anyone tell him to look after me? No, thats not happening because he is the Jamai. Nice. 

So I don't know about God and how he/she manages to answer stupid questions. Just don't ask me any. And if you happen to...then you will get what you asked for. You have been forewarned. 


  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no words to comment.. can understand ur situation..

  2. @Mihir

    Take this as a not behave in the same way! Lol

  3. MAC!!! be careful mr. boyfriend!!

  4. @ Manoshi [the precious lil one]

    Thats it? Bah. You lack imagination.

  5. hahahha, to change a much used cliche, Job is what happens when life gets boring!!! I am with you girl..we not only have to look after the precious hubbies, we have to look after the in laws and the kids too..

  6. @ Sujata

    At least someone understands! Thanks :D

  7. Lets please go and watch Peepli Live followed by a good meal? what say!
    (I guess i tried good)

  8. heyyyy bull this drama abt woman taking so much care of men..poor H...i know how hardworking he is...enf enf...wake up men..

  9. looking @ it from a slightly different point of view, u hv loving parents and a boyfrnd.. rnt u takin all tht 4 granted? many women wud kill fr thns like tht..

  10. oh my..rant on sistah! I support you :D

    And I promise to never make a promise :)

  11. do what u like...even after marriage coz we women r always taken for granted.
    Take care, sweets!

  12. @ Rashmi

    My sweets when does the film release? I promise...I mean to keep this one for sure! Lets go!

    @ R.Ramesh

    Haw! What poor H? Its me...poor me! Lol.

    @ Wildflower

    Yaar its a rant...all in good humor. Of course I am happy to have them but they luckier to have me! lol :D

  13. @ Iggy


    @ Raj

    The tantrums are yet to begin!

    @ Vinnie

    You are a sweetheart! :D

  14. @ Raj

    What are the showers you are talking about? //looks confused//

  15. "There is time till I get married and I am going to do what I like till then!"... PLEASE do what you like even after marriage!!.. marriage should not be a 'new life'.. but part of your original life!..

    and are you the pati-parmeshwar types?? whats all this rant about 'leaving my house.. going to his house'.. u in 60's? common woman! both of you should be leaving your parents' houses and starting your own!.. (unless his/your parents cant look after themselves..)

    as for H behaving like a 'disinterested hubby'.. i think even you r behaving like a 'complaining wife'.. ;)...

    No offence.. !!

  16. oh well just a slightly brainy idea of a joke :)

    had forgotten you are a girl :P

    *looks apologetic till the smirk unravels*

  17. Beti badi ho gayi hai. :P

    I also notice that Himanshu hasn't commented.


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