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For you...

For there is so much to tell,

I wonder how will it all gel.

I stare, keep staring at the wall,

Will it bear, keep bearing with all?

For there is so much to think,

I wonder, if it will push me over the brink,

Deep in sands of time,

What if I sink?

For there is so much to dream,

My life lies agleam.

Scrounging through the streets,

Restless, the heart beats.

For there is so much to do,

All forming a long queue,

I wonder, if we’ll see,

That we were meant to be!


  1. Awesome!!! really loved it .. just thought can i steal it ??

  2. @Mihir

    You will...for what though?

  3. Scary but Lovely feeling na. !? .. Dreaming.. :)
    Nicely jotted Niki .. :)

  4. For there is so much to tell,
    I wonder how it all will gel.

    :P thats just saying how much you love to talk right?

  5. @ 4lene

    Yup! Thanks a lot!

    @ Raj

    you always come up with a different perspective right? I like! :D And yeah, I always have a lot to say...

  6. For there is so much to do,
    All forming a long queue...

    bade log :P

    oh yes you really have to have a lot to say. i know. i know. after all that comes with being a woman doesn't it? :P

    and just in case i didn't say it already that poem wasn't really all that bad.

  7. @ Raj

    Saheb, bade toh aap hai! :p And Merci...I am glad think much of my poem!

  8. :)
    see i was wondering. you like to talk. i do too. serious. and you are online. and i am too.

    whats next? :P

    and the poem is good! okay fine its great! like really really great!

    so if that's buttering enough, thodi gappe shappe ho jayen? :P

  9. @ Raj

    Now you come to the point ha! Okay add me on gmail!

  10. what point? oh yes the one about your poem being good yes yes. it is fabulous.

  11. loved it! :)
    And yes, we were always meant to be! :)

  12. @ Raj

    Thank you Raj Saheb! :P

    @ Himanshu

    Sigh...yes! :D Love you

  13. Nice..I liked the repetitions, it just adds to the apprehensive-voice of the poem...
    Great rhymes too :)

    Thanks for dropping by my place.

  14. @ Erratic thoughts

    Thank you!

  15. see tags like saheb dont go with my image. try whiskey.

  16. @ Raj

    Hehe okay Whiskey!

    @ Sujata

    Thanks! :D

  17. Nice poem. The emotions are really strong and heartfelt. :)

  18. Loved it! The most difficult of things can be expressed with the simplest of words! Love the cute rhymes too :)

  19. @ Kevin

    Thank you! Keep visiting!


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