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Of loyalty Tests and undercover agents!

[no offence to cats please!] first reaction, followed by a grin [the one that comes on when one is really amused]. I am amazed at how my sister finds UTV's Emotional Atyachaar worth a watch. On a regular basis my sister can watch television non-stop. Its a hobby she maintains and that too, very patiently. When I say patiently, I mean to say that I have got to give it to that girl for her immense patience to sit through realty TV shows and sitcoms that make you wonder...did John Baird make a mistake?

Now I happen to walk in on my sister watching yet another 'interesting' episode of Emotional Atyachaar. The reality show has now shifted base to the country's capital after pretending to have wrecked homes and scores of relationships in Mumbai. So here is this woman [won't call her a girl because she ain't one!] sitting with the compere/VJ [yeah, they all have aspirations] describing how much she loves her man. Apparently, they have 'done it all'…

For you...

For there is so much to tell,
I wonder how will it all gel.
I stare, keep staring at the wall,
Will it bear, keep bearing with all?

For there is so much to think,
I wonder, if it will push me over the brink,
Deep in sands of time,
What if I sink?

For there is so much to dream,
My life lies agleam.
Scrounging through the streets,
Restless, the heart beats.

For there is so much to do,
All forming a long queue,
I wonder, if we’ll see,
That we were meant to be!

The lost shoe...

My rather elusive best friend pinged me on gtalk today morning. "Nikki, a rather funny thing happened to me today morning!" said she. Now I don't get 'pinged' by her every now and then [she is going to kill me for this but hey we both are both girls! :p]. I was like, "What happened?"

Ancel [the elusive one] said, "When I boarded the train in the morning to get to work, it was crowded so I got pushed into the compartment as usual. But today in the process my shoe came off and I was pushed further inside so I had no chance of retrieving it!"
Me said, " shoes in the dirty local compartment?" [Okay our Mumbai locals are not so bad but I cannot imagine boarding one bare feet or rather with only one shoe.]
Ancel said, "Yeah...I thought my sandal was Clarks! So I stood quietly and then found that someone had actually kicked my shoe inside the compartment. Phew...I quickly wore my shoe!" 

I am sure everyone has som…

Just shut your trap

An apt image for me right now. Looks like most of my weekends I am going to end up feeling this way. Its the same old story and the same old rant. I hate having to promise something that I am not going to do and being promised something only to continue doing it. May I suggest something very simple? Just don't freaking promise me anything! It helps. Because once I know someone is not going to do it then there is no hope and no hope means no disappointments. And leave me be. 

But no...promises, promises and promises, what for? For breaking them after they are made. Take my parents for example, they always promise to take some action against a certain somebody for misbehaving. No that has not happened in the longest of times. And frankly I don't care. My mom is never on time so I just grin when she tells me to do something on time. And whenever I am around dad, he starts to crib about how dirty the house is! What happens when his lil precious one is around? Nothing. He goes mum t…