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You lie like a lifeless body; unmoving, yet continuing to feel things around you. But within you? The air seems acrid as the darkness descends further. Night falls darker than ever. The world outside the window is all black just like the raven you know, that lives on the tree right outside. Is it calling out to you now? Can it see you unlike you knowing nothing of the hueless world outside?

Your bed is your world, your universe in which you are stuck. You want to move, but it pulls you back like you belong to it. It won't let you go, tightening its grip...tighter around you. You are nailed to the bed yet you do not bleed. There is no pain, but you have this eerie feeling of it sucking your life out of you...

The eyes are unseeing in the dark. You reminisce about your life and what it is going to be after that. There is a crack of lightning and the whole world seems to be captured on a Polaroid in a flash. Yet the image is unclear. You do not see yourself in there. The window glass vibrates and the clouds up above burst into tears. Little rivulets of water must have formed in the mud, slicing it to make way. 

You want to get up to see the dark world outside with a hope of a little ray of light. But the night is unforgiving and unrelenting. And its accomplice, the bed, won't let you move. You are stuck.

I am suffering from bouts of insomnia and its wreaking havoc on my life; personal and professional. This is how I feel...very pessimistic, I know.


  1. A pitch dark night always leads to a bright shiny day...

    Better be ready for it.... :)

    Kash !!

  2. Don't let it get to used to insomnia..I enjoy it in much so, I control what it shows me now days :P

  3. its the freaking weather. even i cant sleep. exhausted or anything sleep just refuses to come before the crack of dawn.

  4. There's always light at the end of the tunnel, so its just the matter of finding the road to the end of the tunnel...dont lose hope & keep walking ahead, you will find sunshine..

  5. If ur looking for a ray of light, it's poetic, not pessimistic :-)

    Nice spin to Insomnia...

  6. @ Ashwin

    Hopefully I will be ready for it... :)

    @ Vishesh

    Really? Lucky you!

    @ Raj

    I am loving the weather right now!

  7. @ Sri Harsha

    I am not sure I am looking for sunshine!

    @ eye-in-sty-in

    Thanks ya!

  8. cool...n in no way pessimistic!

    btw, me is wondering why u having sleepless nights ;)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. @ Vinnie

    Hehe...he was here for the weekend...the best weekend I have had in ages! :D

  11. the las time i buzzed it was all can always buzz insomniacs like me in that case ;)

  12. Maybe its the anxiety of marriage thats bothering you. Its natural... enjoy this time.

    Pick up a book and read if u cant sleep at night. I used to do that. Better still I used to paint.

    Its only for a few days... this too shall pass...

    Loved the way you have expressed it in words...

  13. @ ani_set

    Next time pakka I will buzz you!

    @ Srushti Rao

    Yeah I guess its getting to me! :)

  14. Your bed is your world, your universe in which you are stuck

    my fav line, and i loved the post.
    especially cos it was dark and pessismistic

  15. i liked ashwin comment boss..and the post..baaapreee..:)

  16. @ R. Ramesh

    Yes Ashwin is very optimistic... :)

  17. @ Standbymind

    Heheh...kal se shuru!


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