How young is too young?

How young is too young? Confusing na? Totally so! Why do I ask...because I am looking for answers. With every passing year, the idea of being young changes. Now I am not talking about the youth. Being a part of the same fraternity, ideologies or the lack of it, keep changing daily for us. It is all about the next youth icon for us...ain't it? 

Anyways coming back to the question, 'How young is too young', I am talking about the kids here. By kids I mean those little ones with rounded oh-so-soft-cheeks we want to pull and kiss. Kids these days are probably born as grown ups. They surpass the infancy and the toddler stages way much faster than we can fathom. Okay agreed they are still little in height and might seem innocent to us, but are they? Well, we would like to believe they are innocent. But on the other hand, they are smarter, sharper and wittier than we could ever be at their age. How do I know? I have a nephew who is total treat to talk to and in between we get some precious gyan from him as well. 

I am sure many of us have such nephews and nieces who might be all of three, but have aged wisely. I had a classmate in college who came in looking harrowed one day and we asked what was the matter. She sighed even more and narrated her tale of woe.

Scene: I 

Her older sister lived abroad. When she was down for a holiday she happened to tell all to my classmate. Apparently one day her daughter, all of four, walks in nonchalantly and confronts her parents on the subject of kissing. 

 "Papa how do you kiss?" Obviously she meant to ask how her father kissed her mommy. Both the parents exchanged weird glances, whatever was the kid talking about! However, the little girl continued, "How do you kiss?" Now we all know it is best to answer a child's question. So the surprised father replied by kissing his equally surprised wife on the cheek, "This is how we kiss!" 

To which the girl added, "Nope. This is not how it is done." Now bewildered, both of them asked her in unison, "So how is it done?" 

"You face each other. Then bring your face close. Pout. Then come closer. Join your lips together and that is what is kissing," replied the little one. Need I say anything about the parents who continued to stare? Nah. Priceless expression of course. The sanest thing was to ask her, who told her how kissing was done and to this she proudly replied, her friend [same age] next door had told her how kissing takes place after she saw her folks kissing. 

So my classmate was worried on meeting her nieces, god knows what would come next! 

Scene: II

My dear little nephew is not behind. One fine morning his dad, my brother, was eating Maggie for breakfast when the little guy walked in and demanded another plate of the yummy noodles. Random discussion ensued and my sis-in-law happened to ask whether my bro wanted something else or not. My brother joked and said, "Yeah lets get another baby!" And before my bhabhi could react, the little quipped guy in [looking very serious],"Papa you don't know anything!" 

"Errr...why?" asked the father. "You think you can just get a baby?" continued the kid. My sis-in-law had stopped dead in her tracks dreading the worst. "You won't get babies in the toy shop. You need to go to the doc. Then the doc will decide which baby is to be given to you. And then you bring the baby home," explained my nephew. 

My brother was already very embarrassed and silently cursing himself for starting such a topic. The kid had this wisecrack expression on his face, like he could advice you on anything. Brother left for office right away. 

Scene: III

My wedding is the hottest topic of discussion right now. And my little nephew caught on to the excite just recently. Coolly, he stated that I was getting married the next day and then would be flying off to my husband's house. We kept telling him its not tomorrow but he had decided it would be tomorrow only. So the next day he woke up early and polished his shoes. He asked my uncle to get him dressed in his wedding clothes [read: the clothes he wore on his uncle's wedding. He cannot explain the difference.] But my uncle stated that my wedding was six months away to which he replied that I would have to get married today as he was done with polishing his shoes! 

So I guess him spending time over polishing shoes is a big thing even compared to my wedding! Lol. So I ask you, how young is too young? 


  1. " I would have to get married today as he was done with polishing his shoes! " Rofl this reminded me of the dialogue from "Life in a metro" by irfan khan "Lekin Petticoat to uske naap ka ban gaya hai" i tell you..

  2. Awesome! each incident is marvel in itself.. hard to pick just one as a fav... i guess untill they do not speak, they are young else grown ups :P

  3. hahaha
    2 2nd example n ur brother's reaction in it are priceless!
    though d 3rd one is off-topic n reminds us dat innocence still survives!
    gr8, enjoyable post

  4. I know what you're talking about here, Nikita. It is horrifying sometimes. I feel rather than asking how young is too young, one should concentrate on the question 'how much is too much'! Sadly, I really feel that in our times, the lesser media/internet exposure was beneficial because we got time to live our 'childhood'.

    It is always a pity to see children these days fit in the shoes of an adult too young. There's a time for everything.

  5. Change is in the wave. We all say it is good to be fast, understand the changes, technology and how even small things affect us because we are so connected to each other. But then, are all changes good? Aren't these kids trying to change to the needs of the times then?

  6. @ ani_set

    Yeah you see...he is bhagaoing me right away!

    @ Mihir

    Yeah I totally agree on what you say!

    @ Adee

    Dude there are many such incidents that will wipe the smile off your face...its way too embarrassing!

  7. lol :) Ya! kids these days..!!

  8. @ Milcom I tell you!

    @ Sneha

    looks like we are running behind in time with such kids.

    @ Himanshu

    Changes with the time requirements! gets freakier!

  9. @ Vishesh

    Hehehe yeah...

  10. hahaha. the 3rd story was like the icing on the cake

  11. loved reading this one. Its feeling good to read all the wit and humour around here.

  12. Hahahaha...I swear! Kids are really smart these days!
    My friend's nephew once announced to the entire house that she was watching a movie with naked men and women...Imagine the horror on their faces!
    She was actually watching Apocalypto!

  13. big boss H has raised a pertinent point..are all changes good? Aren't these kids trying to change to the needs of the times then? well..v can wait and watch..anywy v have no other option...and N..thanks fine..sad v couldnot catch up this time in Mumbai..god willing next time..sspl hi to H...

  14. @ Sumit sure is hilarious!

    @ Sujata

    Thanks! :)

    @ Pavitra

    I can only imagine your pal's face!, I tell ya!

  15. @ R.Ramesh

    I know...we can only wait, watch and continue to squirm! lol


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