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[This is an extremely random post. Read at your own risk. I am trying to cure myself of the block (mental and emotional)]

I was tweeting today morning when a pal (@Viveksingh) asked me whether I was writing anything new these days. No, I told him. I lacked inspiration [whatever that is!]. He, then suggested that I get down to writing something very random and that ideas spring out of nowhere sometimes. I agreed. So here goes...

I am feeling very random right now so I am gonna write some random things about me... after all this is my blog ha?

1. My dad still calls me by my bari-r-naam [pet name]. I am hardly ever called by my name- Nikita. It is either Nikki, Nikku, Nixie, Nixon etc. 

2. I don't look like my dad or my mom while my sis is my mom's carbon have got to see it to believe me! Friends always teased me by saying that I might have been adopted. 

3. Never beaten up anyone. Cannot yell and fight [but fight I can!].

4. Once while visiting a homeopath, she asked me to list my favorite food and I was like- Tindora, daal, bhaath etc. She burst out laughing. 

5. I used to be embarrassed about my looks as a kid. In school I was incessantly teased and called a Nepo [ offence to them!]. 

6. I still have every bit of my kitchen set and barbie...I treasure them. I have tonnes of books too.

7. My sis grew taller than me real quick so when I was introduced as the older sister, I always got amazed cum sympathetic looks. Sheesh!

8. I enjoy a good argument and I proudly say, that my sis can never live up to it [I almost always win it too!]

9. I am a mess and I don't care. The goddess of cleanliness has overlooked me. 

10. I love spicy, deep fried food. Yummmmyyy....

11. I thrive on sarcasm. I love being bitchy and mean...sometimes. 

12. I am possessive about each and everything of mine. 

13. its my way or the highway. 

14. I am a workaholic. 

15.  Mom and I have clashing egos. We can never be on the same track. 

16. I love getting into an argument with my dad.

17. I would elope if I had the opportunity.

18. I have a huge crush on Howard Roark and Daniel Craig...sigh!

19. I just cannot drive. That is because I suffer from ADD - my attention span is like 5 secs. 

Bah. The randomness is getting to me. Thats it. Cannot think of anything more.


  1. Great.....You know, the bestest writing comes out when a writer is blank and just sits down to write some random this for example.

    In fact, when i turn back and read my old posts i really go gobsmacked over, "Wow, is this me who wrote them?" and when i was writing them i was totally blank and things came to me at outa moral of the story is- the best things always come to us at random, when we least expected it.....even this comment is random and i have no clue what i wrote so far.......btw- nice to know you in DETAIL.TC:)

  2. @ Srushti Rao

    Thanks! :)

    @ ZB


  3. @ Himanshu

    Isn't it too late for you? Lol. No worries love!

  4. Thats not random at all, I agree with most of them, am neven on the same track with my mom, though I grudgingly admit that most of the time shes right..yuk!! I am an eternal mess too and I cant scream nor fight!! You were a nepo, I was a chinky..can it get worse?

  5. Nice randommness.... here's a new nick for you. Nikon! Have you been called that b4?

  6. @ Sujata

    you have lovely eyes!

    @ eye_in_Sty_in

    Okay thats a

  7. I think I don't have a blog because I'm a very private person and I just CANNOT share every bit of information about my life... but a lot of things about you and me are the same.
    And yes, I love randomness.

  8. Wow! thats not random, thats you!! We seem to have many things in common, I am totally messy, shortest in my entire family, so in love with Howard Roark..wish he was real, and was mine! I like this randomness of yours :)

  9. @ Sneha

    Thanks :)

    @ Tahera

    I wish he was real too!

  10. vallah...interesting N...and hey...nice to c lesser blog lists here..i always struggle which one to pick..and about H..hahaha..if he is a diehard NV dont trouble him...when u cant beat, join hehhe

  11. @ R.Ramesh

    Hehee...he does like his chicken but at home he is a veggie too! :) SO I am lucky that way!

  12. v connect at 11 & 15 Girl :)

  13. Thanks for the idea, I need to try this 'random thought'technique.

  14. Howard Roark..that's a new one :)

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