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Woes and woman kind!

Bloody hell... what was the need to yell? Let alone scream, but shriek? No. That is not acceptable behaviour and she is aware of that. Every time this happens...I come into the room, and she starts to look for things to hurl at me! 

Am I punching bag or what? I mean I am lost...even my friends who are so much more experienced in relationships like mine, have never dealt with so much yelling and cussing. That woman's got a lousy tongue in her mouth, I tell you! ears are still ringing. 

It is an insult to be treated this way every now and then! I mean doesn't every person have some value? The other day she accused me of finishing up her food! Well, hello...someone tell her that I had been watching her when she went on ranting into the telephone and finally, got up without even eating a bite! And then she was like, I ate her cheesecake! I say an utterly delicious looking cheesecake sitting on that table, untouched is a shame. To leave it just like that would be an insult to the cheesecake. Hell, I love cheesecake! 

Okay, I ate her cake, but she had another one in the refrigerator?  She could just take it out and eat it if she craved for it so much! But no, she had me to blame! God, what is with women in general that makes them so weird?

It's not like she is a goddess or something, but I thought we had a thing going on. I have lived here more than she has and yet, she continues to talk about the place like it's her 'own' pad or something. 

I have had enough, and I have threatened to leave as well. But I guess my rantings aren't loud enough or good enough. I tell you this woman is trying my patience. She got me to vacate the only cupboard in the house as well. That spoilt brat!
Sigh...I feel so left out. My pals tell me it's a lost cause and that I must dump her. And I think I need to act fast, I just heard her talking to some guy on the phone. Now I wouldn't have minded if it was some lame boyfriend of hers but its the rat catcher she had been talking too!

How can someone be so mean? I mean why hurt me? Just because I eat some food of yours? Occasionally nibble on your clothes...and some new shoes too? Now, do I deserve to die in some drain? Be poisoned to death? Bah, what has (wo)mankind come to...
Errr...I have to dash else it will be the end of me!

P.S: This post is dedicated to the big fat rat that has made my home his abode. It has managed to climb into my 4th-floor house somehow and sat cosily in one of the grocery drawers. When ma opened the drawer, it just jumped out and dashed. But in the meantime, it had bitten into the packet of oil and seemed to have swum in it. Shat all over the place due to oil overdose and so on...


  1. Hahahaha...cute that is.
    Wonderfully described.

  2. This one is damn cute....really enjoyed reading. Keep thinking and typing. :)

  3. @ Apoyando

    Thanks but the rat is a menace!

    @ Lost_scotoma

    Cute eh? I am hoping it doesn't eat my shoes!

  4. nice writing
    and lucky rat mm sure he has a good taste... :P

    happy writing

  5. @ neeraj

    Good taste of what? :O

  6. Ah ha beautiful buddy... Magnificent :)
    Thank god Mr. Rat was there or this wouldn't come up =)

    @blackrosegal =)

  7. @ Sudatta

    I know! But Mr. Rat is still around somewhere and I worry for my shoes!

  8. Well, Nikita, get rid of the rat ASAP. I freak out if I even see one unkilled cockroach in my house. I get tremors. Well otherwise I'm quite a brave girl, but these pests!!

    Can I have a blog request? May 31 was quit facebook day. Do see if you can come up with such an article, about life without social networks.
    Would love to read your take!

  9. all this while i thought you were talking about your sister damn! :P
    This is so tru "God what is with women in general that makes them so weird?" :P

  10. @ Sneha

    Yes we trying to shoo it away! but in vain... :(

    I do have a post on FB and twitter verse that I had written quite sometime back!

    @ ani_set

    Woah if my sis reads your comment she is going to beat me!

  11. hehehe..awesome! for a second i was she talking about her sister like that?! lol! too good :D

    P.S. If caught, pleej dont kill the little guy...!

  12. Well, I've read that article of yours. I suppose its about the farmville thing or something on Facebook and how you de-addicted (if there's a word like that) it.

  13. ohhhhhh....that was choooooochweeeet....ur really being mean to one little sweet mouse :(

  14. btw, do u go swimming at Vile Parle Gymkhana??
    u look familiar :)

  15. some rats are damn lucky to be closer to you! :)

    Loved the post!

  16. @ Iggy

    I won't kill him ya...we are all ganpati bhakt!

    @ Sneha

    I guess another post will have to be written! :)

    @ Vinnie

    I just want the cute lil mousie [which is not lil by any means] to not killing it!

  17. @ Vinz


    @ Vinnie

    Nope I have never seen the pool at Vile Parle! I am afraid of water!

    @ Himanshu

    Aajoa tum bhi!

  18. usual brilliant piece of writing..I love th way u'r able to put urslf in sum1 else's shoes & present the world to the readers from their perspective...the reason you make such a fabulous writer..kudos..keep writing :)

  19. Hahaha...

    I have this rat right outside my living room window every single night (which, of course, is kept closed permanently) and now it has two small babies with it! I can watch them run around for hours together. If they weren't dirty and disease spreading, I would keep them :(
    The small ones are called Babloo and Bableshwari.

  20. Hahaha...

    I have this rat right outside my living room window every single night (which, of course, is kept closed permanently) and now it has two small babies with it! I can watch them run around for hours together. If they weren't dirty and disease spreading, I would keep them :(
    The small ones are called Babloo and Bableshwari.

  21. @ Meeta

    Aap bahut tareef kar rahi hain! hehehe thanks!

    @ ZLAEK

    Babloo and Bableshwari? Woah...very interesting!


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