The Parting

The heavy rings of cigarette smoke hid the peeling blue paint on the walls. Smoke was just a distraction and a welcome one at that. The smell had permeated through every particle in the atmosphere. She sat, crouching on the bed, snuggled with the stained pillow in the corner as Deb continued to light another one.

She could only hear the flick of the gas lighter as she tried hard not to pay attention to what he was saying. Hard, it was tough for her to be deaf to his words. 

His voice, that sound had made her heart jump every time he called out to her. 
From the very first time he took her name, it seemed that she was yearning for him to call out to her. Her name appeared to sound sexier, more meaningful when he said it. 

But now she did not want to hear any of it.

“Suncho?” said Deb as he blew rings of cigarette smoke into the already foggy room.
"I don’t like sloppy kisses, you know that don’t you? Ki korcho? Look here Shona…"
Yet she couldn’t. She would have run into his arms had it been another day, another time in another era. But today she wanted to turn into stone. 

I could not go on after this bit. I hope it is promising enough for me to come back to it...confusing times ahead.


  1. Amazing Nikki .. really liked it .the smoking bit was amazing .

  2. i thought it needed a lot more, good start i will say

  3. Hey! It does need more...but I loved the've described the smoking part very well!
    Do write further.. :)

  4. Well, Can identify with the feeling of wanting to turn into a stone. Love has many manifestations and sometimes it is but difficult to tag along...You should move on with it and complete the post. All the best :-)

  5. Its good to hit you blog everytime......but this time it wasa a smoke that put me up but the emotion stoned me......emotions manifest based on situation,,,,,waiting for it.....

  6. Interesting...Please do continue.

  7. ohh cummon...such an amazing built up and den u let go!! :|

    it will itch my head now!!

    btw isnt "ogo suncho" and "shona" gives a whole new level of intimacy in the literature!! gotta learn how to read bengali :(

  8. @ Kalyan

    Thanks... :)

    @ ani_set

    yup...will think of expanding it soon!

    @ Pavitra

    thank you!

  9. @ Sneha

    Thanks. I do agree on the love's manifestations bit. Thats a new insight. I have never thought of it this way. :)

    @ Insane Mind

    Thanks! I hope you always like it when you come back to this place!

    @ Jyothi

    Sure will...thanks for dropping by!

    @ buckingfastard

    sabar ka phal meetha hota hai...soon I promise!

  10. always tough to continue such things..reality, fiction and dreams start fighting I guess :)


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