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In six months' time my life is going to change. I am getting married. And this feeling has just begun to sink in...

I have been up to no good. Shopping in full swing. Talking non-stop only about this all the time. Throwing my weight around [literally...]. Planning to hit the gym [have to lose 7 kgs...woah!] but plans like these never come through! Shopping some more. Ignoring my see now I blog at A bride to be's diary as well. So excuse me as I am a bit delirious these days. Will be back to blogging soon on Ire...

The Parting

The heavy rings of cigarette smoke hid the peeling blue paint on the walls. Smoke was just a distraction and a welcome one at that. The smell had permeated through every particle in the atmosphere. She sat, crouching on the bed, snuggled with the stained pillow in the corner as Deb continued to light another one.
She could only hear the flick of the gas lighter as she tried hard not to pay attention to what he was saying. Hard, it was tough for her to be deaf to his words. 
His voice, that sound had made her heart jump every time he called out to her.  From the very first time he took her name, it seemed that she was yearning for him to call out to her. Her name appeared to sound sexier, more meaningful when he said it. 
But now she did not want to hear any of it.
“Suncho?” said Deb as he blew rings of cigarette smoke into the already foggy room. "I don’t like sloppy kisses, you know that don’t you? Ki korcho? Look here Shona…" Yet she couldn’t. She would have run into his arms had…

Amused...I am not!

This post actually belongs on the 'About Me' page. I have been asked this question as a kid quite often and have always had the same answer to it, yet people like to keep throwing it at me. 

By people I mean long estranged family [because I have hardly met them and don't consider them a part of my family] members. Perennially, my sister and I are asked, by amused onlookers, "tumi/tomra maach khao?" meaning do we eat fish, to which we promptly nod and say no, we are vegetarians. You should see the amusement being wiped off their faces in a jiffy. Serves them right! 

I am a half bong and a half gujju. Yeah, my parents had a love marriage in the days of the yore. To most people, love marriages are 'oh-so-exciting' but to my sister and I, its normal. It does not amuse us. Frankly it is our parents who are the love birds in question, so what do you expect? 

But every time our mixed-parentage is mentioned to people, especially women, they break into a beaming smil…

Woes and woman kind!

Bloody hell... what was the need to yell? Let alone scream, but shriek? No. That is not acceptable behaviour and she is aware of that. Every time this happens...I come into the room, and she starts to look for things to hurl at me! 
Am I punching bag or what? I mean I am lost...even my friends who are so much more experienced in relationships like mine, have never dealt with so much yelling and cussing. That woman's got a lousy tongue in her mouth, I tell you! ears are still ringing. 
It is an insult to be treated this way every now and then! I mean doesn't every person have some value? The other day she accused me of finishing up her food! Well, hello...someone tell her that I had been watching her when she went on ranting into the telephone and finally, got up without even eating a bite! And then she was like, I ate her cheesecake! I say an utterly delicious looking cheesecake sitting on that table, untouched is a shame. To leave it just like that would be an insul…

Sinking in...not yet!

Dear readers,

I am engaged [full on Jane Ayre style]! Funny, I never meant to start this post this way but I couldn't think of anything better. Life's pages are turning real quick and a new chapter seems to have begun already! I don't sound too sure right? Yeah, it has not completely sunk into me...

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All this happened last Sunday. My folks and me had flown to Delhi to be with the Bf's family. Discussions about finalizing things between us were in the process. Ma and pa wanted a April-May 2011 wedding while his ma wanted a wedding in October-November 2011. Each set of parents had their points. But as fate would have it, the Bf intervened and made it very clear that weddings in January and February 2011 seem the most ideal. I cannot agree any lesser! So okay we might be sounding like a lovelorn couple torn apart by distance [I love the dash of drama...] but it is true the distance between the political capital and the financial capit…