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Okay this post is long due. I have repeatedly mentioned in many of my previous blogs that I love dogs and badly want a pet. But no, I don't think that is happening in this life. To make up for this void [100 ft deep or more I think!] I pet and play with other people's dogs. I don't mind stray dogs either. Lucky are those who have pets...I am jealous. 

So I get a call from my aunt. She is my gossip buddy actually and being so much older than me never stops me or her to burst into fits of giggles whenever we talk. We do this once in a while and its a lot of fun. But this time round she forgot to tell me something important. And what amuses me is this is something I should have known right away! Bah. But dad told me and took off right away...

And what is this all about? Well my aunt like me is a dog lover. Actually she is much more than that. She is an animal lover. Won't even hurt the rats that mess her beat that! Now she has had three dogs in the past and has affections for the strays outside. Recently her driver found this Alsatian on the street. The dog sat close to his tyre shop the whole day. It looked tired and forlorn. So he finally called up my aunt and told her that he thought the dog was abandoned and left on the streets. He asked whether he should let it go and bring it to her. 

Now my aunt being my, rushed to the scene right away. She took the dog in. Gave it a bath. Found that her [it is a her] body is infested with maggots and ticks, took her to the vet and got her cleaned. The vet declared that the dog was indeed abandoned and traumatized. Had my aunt not taken her in, she would have died soon. 

Cutting back to the present time, 'Sweety' is safe and sound with my aunt and her family. My brother is happy and so is my uncle. Luckily all of us are dog lovers. Why call an Alsatian Sweety? My aunt simply said, "We tried calling her many names but she wouldn't look and finally I happen to say Sweety, and she responded!"

And she is an amazing dog! 

But my question can people abandon such an amazing dog? Actually any dog for that matter? Why get a dog or any animal as your pet if you think you are going to abandon it at some point? They had left Sweety on the street and the poor thing had nowhere to go. She is seven years old and has littered twice. Does this mean they thought she was too old to have puppies again and hence abandoned her?

I finally asked my aunt what if the owners come back for her? My aunt was immediately pissed and said, "I would kick them out!" She totally should. 

And all those who abandon their guys are pathetic people. 


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  2. I love animals too. I had a dog a Doberman, he died some years back. Since then I havent taken in a new pet. I want to but, right now is not the right time. I had someone in my family also abandon a dog. And I came to know later. I hate those people till date. They got the pup, and when the dog started growing bigger, they couldnt handle the commitment and requirements so they left him alone in arrey colony to fend for himself.

    Sam, i dont know if u survived that. But trust me had I known they would abandon u I would have taken u in. May God bless Sam.

    And people who abandon their pets, u will burn in Hell!

  3. I totally agree with ya! Why take a dog in if ur not capable of taking care of another living being!
    I LOVE dogs btw. Unfortunately i'm not allowed to keep pets at home so i sort of treat the dogs living in my garage as pets :P Give them food and vaccines and everything :)

  4. i have a lab! \m/

    and dogs are grand! great company after a bottle of beer or sumfin :P

  5. @ Srushti

    Wish Sam could tell you! I really wish... :)

    @ NIM

    I am in the situation as you are in!

    @ Raj

    I love Labs! :)

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  7. now isn't your aunt really nice :)

    n glad that sweety found a sweet family...i like happy endings :)

  8. I'm SO happy that Sweety found your aunt! People who abandon their pets confuse me - why get one if you don't want one?

    Not to mention enrage me...

    Many hugs to Sweety from me. And waggy-tail, waggy-tail from my dog Xena to Sweety.


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