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Dear Unknown Uncle...

I read this on Twitter recently:

Dear unknown uncle,
Please don't die in Nigeria leaving behind your wealth to me. 
We all miss you, especially because you are a millionaire.

Hilarious. Each day when I check my spam filter, I have a few mails which state the above. Some woman from Nigeria whose husband died leaving behind tons of wealth or some woman who wants monetary help located in some corner of the world. Some mails state that I have won a lottery of some huge amount and that too in pounds denomination! Seems like everyone is eager to get rid of their extra money and I am the new found heir to all of this! Alas, I am not interested. No moh maya for me. Or maybe I should be? What happens when I give them my mail id and bank account details? 

No clue, because I ain't giving any details! But the mails don't stop, do they? Nah. Recently my colleague received a mail stating that he had won 5,00,000 UK pounds! He was delirious...immediately announced that he is quitting his job! He attained nirvana! Lol...Imagine all of us doing something like? Giving up our jobs and wait for the money to be transferred to our accounts?

Unfortunately none of that will happen. The funny thing is some government official recently believed in some mail like this and transferred some money too! The poor man with good intentions was at loss when the newspaper reported that he had been duped. He refused to believe it...such was the shock. Bah. 

Frankly, there should be a spam filter for the spam mails too. What a waste of time!

P.S: Apparently Radha Ramalinga, the wife of Satyam's Raju wants to transfer a lot of money to my account and similarly to all those who received her mail! Whatever...but does make an interesting read!


  1. Hehe...I even get such crazy stuff in the post...
    "Last chance to win 10 lakhs"
    I don't know how many last chances have they given me...
    Why don't they just hand over the money and let me be?? :D
    Cheers! TC!

  2. Not only mails, I get messages on my mobile stating congratulations you are the lucky winner of a merc!!

  3. i love such mails and sms! the day i get these, i don't mind tipping an extra ten at the restaurant! ;)

    as 4 your friend who thought of quitting his job, all i can say is "usne abhi duniya nahi dekhi" ;)

  4. I don't even get such messages. Money evades me even in fantasy.

  5. haahh i like ssd comment.good one...and N real good post this ya...some people never learn..:)

  6. @ Pavitra

    I know! Lol

    @ Sujata

    Shit! mobile is too bad!

    @ Blunt_edges

    Blunt bhai he is being sarcy!

  7. @ SSD

    Count yourself lucky man!

    @ R.Ramesh

    Lol yes, some people never learn!

  8. they are entertaining most of the time. i am rather sad that most of the ones i get now are repeats :D this post was a nice little break from the monotonous studying for finals, so thank you! :)

  9. @ Bindaasvati

    Oh which exams? Best of luck! :)

  10. Hi Nikita ... such mails and sometimes even messages keep coming all the time... Sad really... innocent and sometimes stupid people get duped, but me not :-)

    Tried mailing you after reading your blog, but no replies.

  11. Ah! If it weren't for the spam mail in my spam and sometimes inbox and silly Sms's also may I add...were would I turn for my daily dose of free entertainment. TV soaps always bored me!

    Nice post and lovely blog! :)

  12. @ Sneha

    Hey thanks for dropping by! I am so sorry but I have not received any mail...I checked again!

    @ Choco

    Thanks ya!

  13. ;) and I also get mails.. "lucky winner of UK lottery."..

    and i always wondering- what is the business-case behind such spam generator..!

  14. Sent you the mail again ... :-) Hopefully, you get it this time around!

  15. You write so beautifully... its a shame that you don't write more often...

    You know what... I have an idea... why dont you give out your bank account number... just for a lark and then write a post about what eventually happened...

    sooo educational that will be :D

    Word verification wants me to write Sonati... go figure

  16. @ imayuva

    Totally agree!

    @ Sneha

    Delighted to be in touch!

    @ Meandering Mind

    Lol...right! Paisa aane ke bajaye...all will go!

  17. nikki arre yarr..idli is not a prob..but keeping the cooker on the stove n forgetting abt it creates huge probs..what say??lol..

  18. This is so true about mails and sms. Its a pain selecting and deleting them. :)

  19. How sad... you cant let go of a few lakhs for us loyal readers :(

    How cruel :((

  20. Someday the spam-tasy will come true for someone...and then imagine what will happen ? :-)

    nice post.enjoyed reading it.


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