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I watch the clock ticking by. It has encircled the time thrice already. I am still waiting for you. When I look out of the window, I see the neighbour's car pass by for the third time in three days. It is frustrating. 

I sit here all by myself thinking of how much I want to share my coffee with you; how much I want to see you smile. I know you that you laugh every time you think of me, and my yearning for you grows stronger. The sugar cubes lie wasted just like the countless numbers of coffee lie untouched on the kitchen table. Your chair awaits your presence just like I do. Your crumpled towel lies on the floor just as you left it days ago. It hasn't dried completely, and I know you will complain once you are back. I long to hear your bickering over the fluffy piece of cloth. But I love the musky smell of you it has, which now slowly begin to fade. I wish you would come back soon. 

I set the table each night and stare at the empty plates. It seems the morsel of food won't go down my throat. I have no taste left, no sense of your touch to cure me of the numbness. I yearn for you. Every time I go to bed, it gets colder. I miss your warmth. I miss the way your arms closed around me, the way you cuddled me close enough to gently nibble on my earlobes, the way you caressed my tummy. Your kisses brought back that burning desire within my soul to be devoured by you, to become one and whole again. I miss your touch.

My heart feels empty. I am waiting, and it seems to be endless. But they say its futile. You have left, and there is no coming back. Your cup will remain untouched, the chair wasted without you, your side of the bed, cold, and me; staring at the door.


  1. Yup..there is no coming you started packing your bags..right? :)

  2. Yup just a few more bags to pack! Lol

  3. Nice thoughts.....But dont waste coffee..its so damn expensive these days. A nescafe redmug( cheapest coffee) costs $4.5....TC....:)

  4. @ ZB

    Point noted sir but this is fiction na!

  5. well written, such a simple topic very well described with amazing language.

  6. Oh boy I am impressed... too good!

  7. wow!! So many emotions...beautifully put....lovely.!!

  8. @ Dew Drops

    :) :) :)

    @ Storyteller

    Thanks ya! I am blogrolling you!

    @ Pavitra

    Long time...thanks for dropping by!

  9. "Your cup will remain untouched, the chair wasted without you, your side of the bed, cold, and me; staring at the door."
    what an awesome closing line!

    an unfulfilled wait...wonderful! :)

  10. @ blunt_edges

    yeh sab khayal bf se door rehne par aatein hai! :)

  11. excellent use of words to convey the feelings... loved it ..

  12. a wait that spans a day or two; or maybe its a never ending wait or who knows the lover feels this way whenever her love separates even if for a moment or two.
    i know that i do.
    and i know that u feel the same way too.

  13. i like it. a lot! keep writing the good stuff. following the blog now. :)

  14. @ Suree

    Thank you for dropping by!

    @ Adee

    Its frustrating ya! :(

    @ Bindaasviti

    Thank you! Keep visiting!

  15. sanity will return
    senses will return
    to keep you busy
    with truths of reality,
    with stupid silly daily stuff.,
    and you can calmly rest with emptiness of thought..

  16. Am I emotionally stunted if I can't be this.....emotional??? The word "needY" came to mind, but I decided it was pushing it...

    p.s- thanks for dropping by my blog! Do come back some day!

  17. Hey! This was refreshingly different and nice! I like! :)

  18. Just read this... Where the hell does the depth come from... and the simplicity... and the impact...

    damn... I am jealous...

  19. @ iamyuva


    @ Bullshee

    Needy is the right word here! :)

    @ Vinnie

    Long you been?

  20. @ Choco

    Thank you!

    @ Meandering Mind

    You and jealous? Now that is a huge compliment! Haha dude you should be publishing and me, I am just a mere blogger!

  21. Beautiful! Dedicated to someone secretive ? :-D Or, do we all know the secret being such ardent followers of your blog?

  22. @ Sneha should know! Himanshu is the guy in question. My fiancé. He is training in Hyderabad and I am here in Mumbai...

  23. So when will the wedding bells ring? No blog post of your engagement yet!

  24. I want you to come back but I know that you won't.

  25. @ Sneha

    A blog will be up soon! The official engagement will done soon!

    @ Rajat


  26. I have no words for the way you express!! its amazing....

  27. ironical. catastrophical: the fact that you are thinking of leaving.

    not the story, the story is A-class.


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