Caught the writing bug, have you?

Hello all,

I just came across this post on a Living your passion

"And then he/she took out his gun, aiming at her head..." Begin or end your story with this line! Write a 350-400 words short fiction story and get featured on our blog. Last date: 15th April. [Please note: your work must be original. One entry per person only and if it exceeds the word limit, it will not be accepted. Mail us your entry at Voting begins from the 16 April]

Maybe you would like to try! 


  1. lemme see if something strikes me (not that good with fiction though!)

  2. A good contest. Thanks for the heads up. Will you be entering something?

  3. niki paper can cut your hands real bad yar...omg i remember that photographer's agony..and how things ya? hi to H..

  4. thats a good way to start.with lots of suspense and things..

  5. Very Tempting. I might attempt it. :)

  6. running out of time, will try


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