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Life in a nutshell

Her eyes wandered around the room as if she was looking for something. Or was it someone? She kept looking. Her eyes moved quickly in different directions as if she was trying to take it all in, at once. Was she? The pale walls seemed dark around her. The light coming in from the window was not enough. It looked across a park where no seemed to come and go; the window.

"I must get out of here," she thought. Slowly she got up, looking back once as if making sure of something. She moved out of the room, into the corridor; her shadow on the peeling pockmarked walls down the steps, out of the gate and onto the street. It was nice and breezy. A lot of light was here, unlike her room. "Maybe I should take a stroll," she thought, and so she did.
Morning turned to noon and noon to evening. She kept on walking the streets; taking in the sights and scenes of the day. She saw a balloon seller at the kerb, content with so many kids surrounding him. She imagined how a balloon, fi…
So I guess I am going bonkers! No clue as usual to why this is happening! I have a story in the draft which I am scared to publish. I have free time now on weekends which is unusual. I like my job and the work is good. People in office are good. The bf is amazing. Meeting his family today. 

New things and some old. Plotting a revenge for someone. Not writing a blog post [this is hardly a post]. Clicking away random pics of him& me. 

Phew!!! Confused you, have I? Sigh so am I!!! lol. That is a lot of exclamation marks. Hope to post something decent soon. :) :) :)