More Kolkata


I have some more pics of Kolkata [ okay I have seen quite a bit of the city but did not have my camera always!] 

The quintessential rickshawala

The best adda ever! The coffee house...

Through the market place...

Tram...this time round I got to sit in one and loved the ride! Hahaha...

More tram...

One of the oldest juice centres in Kolkata...Paramount. Yummy stuff here and College street is a must visit for book lovers!

On way back to the airport...New bridge on a bright morning...


  1. commented on your previous pic post as well. This one is lovely too, just wish you had posted the veggie markest with their colourful and fresh veggies as well, I just cant take my eayes away from the freshness of the veggies there.

  2. cool snaps! why do places always look pretty thru other people's desciption?

  3. wonderful to c Kolkata thru yr lens N..cheers

  4. Ooo...thanks for the pix. I adore all of my 'world travels' this way!

  5. khuuuub bhalo laglo... u ve made me so nostalgic.

  6. @Sujata

    I will try doing this for the Mumbai vegetable markets!


    Haha good point my friend! I still have to decipher that!

    @ R.Ramesh

    :) Thanks ya!

  7. @ Julia Smith

    I am glad you liked them!

    @ Little Girl Lost

    Thanks! I am waiting to back!


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