Kolkata through my eyes....

Hello there,

I cannot just write anything these days. All the documents are being sent to the recycle bin. So I am posting pics here from my trips to Kolkata. I love the city now and wish I had a home there! Maybe someday...

Belur Math from the Nauko 


Money Menace!

At the Ganga Ghat

The awesome nauko [boat] ride across Ganga to Belur Math

At the small harbour

Leaving Dakhineshwar for Belur Math

Under the Bali Bridge

Nauko ride

The Serene skyline


  1. lovely captures... especially the Howrah... great depth in all of them. I've never been to Kolkata..

  2. 3rd last pic-
    that's not howrah bridge...
    that's Bali bridge.
    (did you take the dakhsineshwar-belur math boat ride? boatmen always play this prank with tourists :P just take it lightly... who doesn't know how howrah bridge looks like???)

  3. @ Zlaek

    You must go!

    @ desininja

    Thanks for the correction. I mistook my pics...many of them here!

  4. Brilliant peace of photography.Yes City Of Joy looking beautiful.

  5. absolutely beautiful pics nikita have been to Kolkata so many times but never seen it in such a light :-)

  6. Its good that you don't write unless you are done posting such wonderful photographs :) :)
    Tell me one more thing...
    Did you happen to ask those 'LANGOORS' to sit in line? lolz..

  7. these are awesome pics nikita :) loved it..loved the shot of bridge..both the shots..and also the dakshineshwar shot..and the last shot

  8. awww!!! dats da loveliest boat ride...and is perfect getaway fr winter....i luv it evrytime i go dakhineshwar

  9. nice ones! i wonder if u really ment "money menace" instead of "monkey menace"

  10. Beautiful. Well clicked.TC

  11. A river is the soul of a city.Throughout the world it is true.
    You captured the essence of Kolkata. and I am proud of you. You HAVE missed some others in kolkata Nikita.coffeee House, The lanes and the byelanes of romantic North,The Jogubabur bazar, The Festivals etc. I shall see you when you come next time . The kali mondors , The kumhartolly etc etc etc.

  12. Nice Pics Nikita...

    I like the perspective of your pics. Seems like a really steady hand and a nice eye for details.

    All your pics portray the Ganges in the background lingering in some form or the other. Nice way to tell I saw a city and a river but I could not figure out which depended on the other. Loved this part of your pics!

  13. you have captured the city beautifully, esp the river and the dakshineshwar temple. The city does have a huge hauge history and at times it just over flows with shots like these

  14. Lovely captures Nikita !! I had recently been to Kolkata and I know that words just can't do justice to its beauty! I had taken the nauko ride to belur math and, I know how stunning the sceneries around look! Keep posting more of ur captures! Looking forward to it !

  15. Great Pic's Nikita. Makes me want to go there !


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