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As fate would have it

The buzzing of the fly resonates in my ear like someone was beating a drum. The silence is loud in a way I had never imagined before. The distant skyline was all pink with a hint crimson just a while ago, but now it seems all dull grey and pale. Such is the colour that it reminds me of a face. A face that has long lost its charm. But a face that might have looked better when it grew old. The lovely jaw structure would have softened by then, fine lines shaping the face at the corners and crinks around the eyes indicating a life well spent.

But then not all faces have that liberty, do they? No. Life always has plans of its own. However much we plan, make plans and vow that we would do so and's plans triumph at the end. I remember the time when I was a child. My ma used to say look carefully before you cross! I did, I always did. But Barney my older brother still laughed. He called me names.

He told me that he had plans and that his ideas were indispensable. I believed him. But fate did not. One evening while we were crossing roads I approached the road slowly like I always did. He called me names that day too, and I could only stare back. For an instant, I thought he was right. Ma was being silly. I had plans for myself, and they would materialise just like Barney's.

For Barney though...lady luck ditched him that day. I remember the exact details; there was a loud crash, some screeching tyres and a bloody, lifeless body. I just stood there motionless. What happened next was chaos. Ma did not cry nor did I. 

I stopped believing in plans from that day onwards. Good thing. Like Larry says as Life had better plans for me anyways. I loved heights, and that is what Larry said was Life's plan for me. It was easy for me. I could look from far up above. After every assignment, I sat and did the same. I stared at the skyline. The colours in the setting sun or the growing dusk or morning reminded me of faces. Of faces, I brought up with me to high rises. Of faces, I would sit and think of when I left alone. I never cried. I never complained. Nobody ever asked me anything ever, and I gave no answers. 

Life should have taught Barney never to call people names. He would have been alive today then and I would not have any blood on my hands and would not look for faces in the skyline. 


  1. Amazing! The sensitivity with which you talk about the episode is impressive.

  2. brillintly potrayed! :D

    whenever i come across the word 'fate', one of my most favorite lines in the movies comes 2 my mind:

    Morpheus: Do you believe in fate, Neo?
    Neo: No
    Morpheus: Why not?
    Neo: Because I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.

    ahhh...awesome! :D

  3. @ Mute Spectator

    Thank you!

    @ Blunt Edges

    I remember this dialog!

  4. Amazing story.. I hope its not true..loved the part where you used the sky-sketching part to convey memory.. awesome.. keep writing..

  5. I have always belived for a story teller a story idea comes from some incident, something that he/she might have bumped into something, some idea which either directly or indirectly is relevent to the author.. What's impressive about all ur write ups is the newness..every read is different from the previous one...

    "Khub Bhalo" keep it up :)

  6. nice stuff...pretty dark....i dun agree wid d central line of d 1st person though....tht life's plans triumph....we can make our destiny nd m sure u nd me knw tht :)....nice story though....gr8 goin....keep it up :)...

  7. @ Lost_scotoma

    Its all fiction! :)

    @ Saurangshu


    @ Maverick

    Well in reality I won't agree with it too. But then it is the fictional character's belief here.

  8. thats why they say live for the day... nicely written... u r awesome

  9. Simply captivating !!!! Totally agree that Life plans always triumph in the end.... very well woven

  10. @ Vivek


    @ Aniirban Bose

    thanks ya!

  11. Awesome writing Nikita, really like your style of writing, where words filled with lots of emotion, flow freely...keep it up

  12. Umm....I don't get it. Seriously.

  13. Perfectly constructed short fiction - everything is there. Would make a startling short film.

  14. @ SSD

    Its okay...

    @ Julia Smith

    Thank you!

  15. I like Barney.. I always will..!
    thats the way to live life..

    Everything is all written..there is no use trying to re write or change it!


  16. i read the story and read the comments... didnt know if it were real or not, couldnt believe it till i read ur response.
    U scared me!

  17. Philosophical yet Crisp at the same time...I would say observation is also aptly put...


  18. @StandbyMind

    :):) :)

    @ Ankur

    Hahaha! did I?

    @ GSP

    Thanks a lot!

  19. brilliant story! so intense..there was a moment when i held my breath..loved it!

  20. @ Tongue-Fu Lady

    Thanks! I am glad you liked it.

  21. Whats up with you posts?

  22. For moment i thought i was not fiction! I liked.

  23. @ Standbymind

    Come visit now!

    @ Dreame3r



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