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A blogger pal had once said that I attract weird things to me. I agree, I do. And these weird things happen to be really funny [at least to the ones who will be reading them...hopefully]. So here goes...

My extended family in Kolkata is one of a kind. I say this because I have a cousin bro is always up to mischief and always has new tales to tell...

Story one: 

This was way back in the 80s. He was all of four or max five. Pishi [my aunt], dada [the elder one] and lets call my crazy cousin A, were on their way to nanibari [maternal grandparents home]. Now A was a huge Mithun fan and it was during this time that Mithun caused a stir across India with his film Disco Dancer. A was of course enamoured and imitated the actor whenever he could. 

So on the road, there being no other source of entertainment, A asked his bro whether he could show him a few dance steps. With consent, he broke into a jig. Stray dogs live on the street and one lay just close enough to A while he got on with his dance moves. Bursting with enthusiasm and with the heady feeling of dancing the disco moves, A kicked the sleeping animal. 

The kicked landed on the doggy's tummy and yelping with pain the dog turned around and bit the elder brother. What happened next was utter chaos...

A stopped dancing. Pishi was horrified. Dada started to howl [he was all of 7!]. A feared his life more than anything as his mother plucked her slippers to hit him with. 

At the doctors,  dada was livid and was like A should be injected and not him. A was the one who kicked the  dog!

Complete mess. 


  1. Haha...
    Yes - weird things....

    More stories comin up?

  2. @ Standbymind

    Yes. More will come.

  3. am a disco dancer.....wish mithun could read this.........more to come?

  4. Poor dog though. This is what happens when you follow Mithun. You can also try antics from Gunda. No guarantee over the consequences though :)

  5. i am a dog-kicker....ta ta tana!!!

    am i only one concerned abt da dog's perspective!!!he/she must be soo confused!!!

  6. the way he related it ... he was laughing more than us !!!

  7. hey really weird things.would like to read more.


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  8. agree A should be injected!

    rofl...i'm still laughing! :D:D:D

  9. hahaha! thank god he wasnt imitating bappi da!

  10. You are tagged pal!

    Do your thing!

    Happy New Year!

  11. This can happen... I am sure it has happened to others... BUT ONLY IN KOLKATA...

    I have been there... and I have never come across a more colourful people...

    Keep the stories coming Nikki...

    Keep writing...

    (and pssst... get rid of the captcha... please...)

  12. and yes... wish you a brilliant and smashing new year...

  13. life is beautiful because of the wierd things we gather and store. A happy new year to you hope this year all your wishes come true

  14. I do have to say - and purely because it's not happening to me and I'm reading about it - I did in fact laugh.

    Some of this is because of the story, and some of it is because of how you tell it, Nikki.


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