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Birthday and more...

So I am 24 today. Totally hate being 24 but cannot help it [on the bright side age is just a number; a dialogue I keep throwing at my mum] Bah. I have been away from blogging. Two stories lying in my holder. I can say I have a time block and not a writer's block [read: I am a lazy ass]. 

I have news like I had promised more updates after birthday. The bf had been challenging me since Diwali that I have a deadline to break the news to my folks about us up till my birthday. And now I can say I have successfully managed the feat on the 7th of November...Hurray!

I was expecting some drama. A raised eyebrow or some gasping. But nothing happened. When I say nothing...I mean to say that the reaction from mum was all flat [just like a fizzy drink out of fizz!]. So it was 7th evening... Saturday. We both were sitting and watching some saas-bahu saga. 

So suddenly I had this urge to tell her and I did.

N: "Ma I need to tell you something,"

Ma: "So tell na,"

N: "Ma...what do you think I want to say?"

Ma: "How should I know?. (Gap of 2 seconds) Are you going to drop the bomb on me?" [stares eyes wide!]

N: "Er... yeah. I really like him [name withheld for the safety of the person :P]

Ma: "Ok."

N: "Ok? Only Okay? I say this and you say ok?"

Ma: "Yeah. I already knew it. I am not shocked or amused."

N: [irritated] "If you knew it then why did you not say? How do you know?"

Ma: "Nikita you keep talking about him. I can put 2 and 2 together as 22."

Bah. So my mum is smart. Actually all mothers are smart and they know what is going on most of the times. She was cool with it. She of course went about like a question bank; how, when and where was the norm. I answered everything frankly. Now my sister did not know nor did dad. 

Ma said she would speak to dad and Manu had warned me to not involve her in this [too much tension she cannot handle!] So i told Manu the next day and she wanted to flee. Dad was zapped. 

But it is okay now. Spoke to dad on Sunday. Had a long chat. He too asked me questions which I answered. All cool. Suddenly ma interrupted and said, "Manu has to give her inputs too." Now ma meant that Manu likes my bf and all that but dad was baffled. 

Dad: "Manu has a bf too? What is happening? Both my daughters? Please I cannot handle this in one go!" 

We were all roaring with laughter throughout. It was hilarious. I think dad did not sleep well in the night. But all is cool now. They are meeting him tomorrow. 


  1. happy for you. have a great year ahead. god bless.

  2. wow wow...being your and his friend i am naturally very happy..hey N, keep a party ready for next month..v all meet in vashi, Ok..and this time let's drag him from wherever he is..

  3. many happy returns of the day!! Nikki!! one of your old posts abt how u were born and all that post needs to be updated! best of luck for your Future (both of you)

  4. Happy Birthday again :)

    and happy for you two too!

  5. Finally? :)

    Good luck, and Happy Birthday!

  6. @ Toon India

    Thanks a lot! :)

    @ Magik

    Thanks. :) :)

    @ R. Ramesh

    Party aap jab chaho tab! Hahaha

  7. @ Kalyan

    Thanks. I am glad you remember that old post too!

    @ Mihir

    Thank you!

    @ Iggy

    Yeah finally. I am so relieved.

  8. Congrats u guys :)
    PS- Himanshu All the best.

  9. Hey congrats u guys :)
    PS- Himanshu all the best.

  10. Congrats & Congrats.. :)

    Lol at your dad's interpretation.

    Here after long!

  11. Although my daughter is a long way from being 24, I need to take some lessons from your mom. I will surely have a breakdown if my daughter comes to me with such news...and my husband is surely to flee. He is never there when I need him.

  12. Happy Belated Birthday. I am a November born too.

  13. @ Aparna

    I think by the time your daughter is 24, you will also feel differently. My mom would have been petrified if I was 18 or something.

    When is your birthday? Thanks a lot for your wishes!

  14. Woo hoo! *applause* on breaking the news and a big ((hug)) for your smart mom.

    Happiest of birthdays, Nikki!

  15. thats a happy post :)

  16. @ Julia Smith

    It was indeed a good birthday! :)

  17. well the guy wants to meet to your parents...
    u do know what that means right?
    he is serious about u
    good luck with the relationship and happy belated bday :)

  18. @ Fashion Police

    Hey thank you! I am really lucky to have a loving bf. :)

  19. your birthday's a day after mine! :)

  20. Belated Happy B'day.
    Been a long time visiting, the design has undergone a change I see.

    Liked your dad's reaction about the whole thing, almost as if he had an epiphany.

  21. Absolute magic.No other set words could have described it better.

  22. @ Mehak & Aparna

    Belated happy birthday!

    @ Sujoy

    Thanks! :)

    @ Ashutosh Singh

    Thanks a lot!

  23. Happy Birthday Nikki,,oops belated I mean! Sorry I wasn't around with neck deep in work.
    But then congratulations!! The bomb didn't create the
    N moms na..too smart! Mine predicts much before everytime I start dating a guy.. lol, it amazes me actually, the way she guesses who I will go out with..just can't hide any damn thing 4rm her..

    Love n luck

  24. @ Tongue-Fu Lady

    Yeah ya! :) Thanks for the wishes!

  25. Belated Happy Birth Day !!

    Oye hoye to baat ban gayi...
    thats very good

    BHagwan ke ki tumhari har manokamna poori ho :)

  26. all the best for the next half.. hope that too is a cake walk!!

  27. Yeah, I remember 24. That was when punk hit hard and I stopped wearing make up and dying my hair green. That was '76 though and long before you nice kids were born!

    Happy (belated) birthday!


  28. omg how cool is that..surprise surprise i have been through this :D in a similar fashion :))..its amazing how mom know everything

  29. hey my budday is just two days after!

    blog, i likey.


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