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Face...errr f@#$ off!

Imagine this: Manu comes running into the room.

"Nikita Jaldi kar please!"

N: "Kyu?"

M: " I have to check on my crops?"

N: "Huh"

M: "Get your ass of the chair...I need the PC"

N: [even more puzzled] "Ok"

This was my first introduction to farmville on facebook. Next I hear cows mooing, neighing of horses and what not! Such behaviour by Manu continues for days to come. She is hooked onto farmville. What the fuck is that? Well, Facebook decides to take a step ahead and gives you piece of land for free, albeit, it is in virtual reality.

Interesting I say. Manu asked me to join too. I shrugged it off saying that I barely have time and blah blah but was intrigued. So i take out time and get the application. I have my piece of land. I sow seeds and periodically harvest them. Woah. I make money. Nice. I am hooked in no time. Daily depending upon my very busy schedule [no exaggeration!] I sow seeds so that I might look into them later. This means I keep checking on my farm every now and then!

So I spend the whole day waiting on my crops. Result is I hardly pay attention to my work. Life goes haywire. But I continue. One day I have a brain wave [gack!] and give it all up. I am a new person now. No horsy, cows or chicks! Bas hua. I have a real life and in this life I am a writer and my writing needs more attention.

On the other hand Manu is still playing. This holds true for many of us. In my case, as soon as I am up, I look for my laptop and start off. I constantly want a break and want a vacation. But the reality is that I need a vacation from my laptop. This Sunday I decided to go shopping with my parents. This now is a rare Sunday I take an off. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I did glance through twitter once I came back though.

Twitter is fun. Keeps me entertained and updated along with my friends. Recently I messaged my friend to wish her Happy Bijoya. She called back and asked me whether I knew or not that she had shifted to Delhi. I obviously had no clue. She was like for how long you haven't checked facebook? I was like its been a while [after the farmville episode] and so she added no wonder you have no clue.

Another friend of mine from twitter got talking. He asked me about my love life and me asked him about his. He was like I broke up. I obviously asked why. He said that his girl was on twitter too. My bf is on twitter too but he doesn't tweet much to me. Keeps away. This friend of mine broke up because his girl friend was hooked to twitter and refused to call him. She would rather tweet him than talk or meet up! Poor kid. Lucky my bf is smart and keeps away from me on twitter.

I am not against twitter or any other social media networking site. I am worried about us completely forgoing the real for the virtual. There was time when I met my friends every now and then. But now it is either facebook or twitter or their gtalk status message that gives me an update. Same goes for me.

What are we doing? I am know I am writing in the virtual world while I ask this...We keep blabbering about the reality TV blurring the lines of reality, aren't we letting the virtual world do the same?


  1. hmmm.... i share ur opinion. i had few colleagues working with me over the summer. one of them got introduced to the farmville and bug had started spreading. i have already experienced the ill effects of social networking media, and this game was kind of oil to fire. consciously i have been keeping away from it. rather i have been creative in the same time updating my photo collection on Flickr!

  2. oh...i feel like such a dino...i still dont know what this farmville is or why do i get an update when somebody finds some stupid sheep on their farm??!?!?!?!

    i have started hating this twitter facebook social networking thing...people are pushing it too far...and i love it when somebody mails or calls me instead of broadcasting it out in the public!

  3. yep...v literally live in a virtual world..hehehe..

  4. girl i hate you :|
    it took em so long to get de-addicted to MafiaWars
    and now reading about farmvile, my hands are itching to get on it!!!
    considering i was away from FB in totality for almost 4 months i was rather proud of myself! but now see what your description made me do


  5. @ Mihir

    I do go through your collection! :) Good one... :)

    @ Mr. Chamko

    Hello Dino! Don't hate the networking sites should know when to stop bas!

  6. @ Meghana Naidu if you like but don't waste time!

  7. yea virtual world is takin over surely...but considerin da fact dat wid increasin work pressure wen we were totally gettin cut off frm our frnds...facebook and orkut did came as a savior...

    imagine widout dem...wud u still be in touch wid dose old forgetten but nice frnds!! :)

  8. @buckingfastard

    Hi I know what you mean...but then we treat everyone like our long lost friends right? Just catching up online. We need to take a stand somewhere!

  9. fully agree, I am on the verge of deleting both my orkut and fb accounts, they are just a source of worry and nothing else, high time I went back to visiting people for real and having real chats where I can see eye to eye and have real chai/coffee

  10. Sometime back there was chatting, then blogs came and then Orkut, but baap of all now is Facebook

    I read a blog wherein during contractions before child delivery, first thing to-be parents did was to update status on FB

  11. @Ire17n - Hey wassup?! Nice write up..catch u on some other site ;)

  12. @ Sujata

    I would say that is a bold step! I wish I can do so at some point of my life too!

    @ Pesto Sauce

    How lame! Sheesh!

  13. @ Himanshu

    @collidingatoms: sure sweetheart!

  14. indeed.. one of my observations is that the people who have close to 400 friends on social networking sites and such,are of the most lonely people in real life.Living a different virtual life is just OK but only as long as it is not too different from your real life.


  15. p.s. article in todays bbc - same pondering - .. have a look.

  16. @ Mihir

    Thanks I read it. I read something similar somewhere else too. :)

  17. I know of people who are so glued to playing such games that they actually purchase some pretty upgrades or "gold coins".

    Tch tch! People need a life...away from Facebook!

  18. what's virtual...what's real...yeh sab toh moh-maaya ki baat hai ;)

  19. Aah Farmville... my mind goes back to the drug peddler analogy ;)

  20. 2 things I strongly dislike are internet and mobile.. but in these time the world wont just let u survive without these two things..

    Try swtching off ur phone for one day.. I did this for full one week and found myself back.. in peace.. :D

  21. Seriosuly.. Farmiville...Bah!

    Iv never been the tv/video/comp games type anyway...

    Prefer reading books.. or at least reading blogs..

    Good you left playing such vain games.. Keep it up! :)

    P.S: Happy Diwali Btw!!

  22. @ gkam

    True...people need a life!

    @ blunt edges

    Haan moh maya!

    @ Dhiraj

    you are lucky to have had the opportunity to try something like that...I cannot make myself do it!

  23. @ Blackfayth


    @ Ashen Glow

    Happy Diwali to you too!

  24. All thanks to you only lady i've joined not less than a dozen such sites, but being the smart ass i am i've not login to half of them since ages ;)
    And yeah.....what the f*** do i get an update when some bull or shit sheep comes in some jerks farm :(

  25. u work on sundays too? god damn....theres a limit to everything..i have made an effort to get away from net..and i am learning...i am learning dance..and it is more is real :)..So according to me, if you can find out sometime for pursuing your will have less and less time to be on internet anyway :D


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