Switch it off!

"Reality continues to ruin my life!" said this one quirky little prodigy straight out a comic strip. Imagine these words of wisdom coming through a daily comic ‘comic’ strip and then compare it to our real lives that run parallel to so much around us.
So much that we can have no choice but to fall into the trap of it all. Take television for example. I am sure John Baird must be twisting and turning in his grave. What started out as a brilliant form of visuals to present to us something that we had never seen before. And today, in the most macabre fashion, we don't want to see anything that television has to offer.
There are millions of tiny little questions that flow through my blood stream which catapult in a depressingly squalid feeling every time I switch to another channel. It is like that acidic bile that rises in my throat and shut my mouth in order to swallow it all over again! First of all, we are spoilt for choices. Dish, Sky and blah, have so many, many channels to offer. But unfortunately each one of them is the same sad old story. It is a heap of crap thrown at us and for our defence as we cannot duck, we change the channel and watch something that is better that than the last.
Have we run of creative ideas? Has technology altogether sucked out the grey juices from our brain or are we just taking it easy? I fail to understand the root cause. It all started with a talent hunt. Next it was a reality show. What is reality? Watching these so-called-soppy-soap-operas, one definitely wonders...is this the truth? reality really? Are we all such pathetic excuses in real life? No. We aren't. Definitely not. I say so, because I know when I am made to sit through any such torturous episode, I question myself. Would I do that? Do I talk like this? May be not. Then why am I being made to watch this?
Because we have no choice. Simple. 165 channels and we have no choice. Morbid. So yes, we continue to watch the crap thrown at us and regale in the fact reality TV offers the human touch. We cry when they do. We laugh when they laugh. We vote for them. We vote for them again. Do they pay our bills? No. Simple. Why? Because we have no choice.
And when one reality show is over, another begins. Again we watch, cry, laugh and vote. Pay bills. It is a vicious circle and there is no getting out. Well, actually there is! You can choose as we all have choices. But come on, how can we not watch? It is some next door neighbour of our distant aunt from Kanya Kumari singing! He could be the next star...the next reality TV star! There is a whole new category out there. PR agents waiting in queue to sign them and what not! It is the door to stardom. Who knows which director might be watching?
And so we continue to ruin ourselves. We want to revel in the ambitions of the others and shed tears for them. We want to watch out for Ms. Sawant and which designer dress she is going to select for her so called Swayamvaar wedding to that NRI or actually we will sit through this "Perfect Bride" show where five eligible bachelors who are also mamma's boys, searching for their perfect bride in the ten girls girls chosen by the channel. WOW. Perfect marriage of the minds, we say!
And the icing on the cake is the fallen hero of the slain politico who plans to find himself a bride now and the best way to do it is through a swayamvaar of course! Knock Knock! Who? Common sense? Go back to sleep! Of course aren't we all sleeping? Or else we all suffer from short term memory loss. He was the freak whose wife ran out of him! And now we want to ruin another girl's life. And we call them reality shows.
No wonder, reality continues to ruin our lives. [and it shall triumph! because we watch and we let them make.]


  1. First of all -
    Yes, I too hate these so-called reality shows. Never watched any, other than the only episode of RKS (I was more interested in the mehendi design :p)

    True, about having left with no choices (other than to switch off).
    Sad but true, these 24 hr hours news channels have also become Entertainment channels.

    There are many out there who'd give lecture for hours about some reality show, saying how much they hate to watch it but when questioned about any minute detail of the show, they will have answer for it. It is because of such people that the TRP of such shows are high.

    We watch it and bitch about it, thus giving it negative publicity as well!

    *Uff* Yes, reality continues to ruin our lives!


  2. You know this make so much sense! And to think we are spoilt for choices! I dread what is in store for us!

  3. nice one , but still tv is no1 entertainer in home section's of India, for those who don't tweet or surf so they will watch any thing available, and the fault is equally shared between Media and people.

  4. I never watch reality shows - never have, never will. They were started when a Hollywood writer's strike put the upcoming TV season in jeopardy. Voila - the first Survivor and American Idol.

    Reality shows deprived writers of jobs and income. It deprived actors of roles. It deprived directors of dramatic or comedy episodes to shoot. The only people who gained from this development were producers. The money rolled in and there wasn't so much creative talent to pay for.

  5. Tera gusssa..wallah wallah!
    but true! I like it! :)

  6. @ ArtiHonrao

    I second you here!

    @ In Search of Me

    Yes! Lol

    @ Kalyan

    I totally agree with you! People take in whatever is thrown at them!

  7. @ Julia Smith

    OMG! I did not know reality shows had such adverse effects! It is sad that even after so much there are more reality shows!

    @ Himanshu


  8. That was profound, amongst other things!

    Very well written!

  9. This makes so much sense!
    Nicely put :)

  10. @ Rashmi

    Thank you my love! :)

  11. true reality shows have nothing else than a huge nuisance value

  12. thank god..i dont have cable connection..just content with watching dvds..so reality tension is not der 4 me..how u doing nikki? tc...hi to H...cheers

  13. Actually you are right its 'reality' shows or soaps or re-run movies or soap ishstyle news or the list is endless yet we do have to watch something so we watch ....no choice :P

  14. @ Sujata

    Nuisance is the word that best describes it!

    @ R. Ramesh

    You are lucky you don't have cable! I have to put up with two televisions at home!

    @ Dhiman

    Imagine...so much to choose from and no choice really!

  15. Hmm.. that makes me think. Okay the reality show thats on top of mind is khatron ke khiladi. I like it and to be honest thats the only reality show i have ever liked.

    But doesnt each one have her own way of choosing entertainment? I mean even a stupid saas bahu serial seems reasonably good to someone whereas it may be all crap to me.

    Adding to that, yeah very true that simply due to competition between the umpteen number of channels, the quality's taking a hit. Absolutely. I guess thats why people imitate those serials/shows that get maximum TRPs.Heh.

    As for swayamvars, be it a drug freak politician or a silicon babe, i just have one thing to say.. Yaaaawn!! What the...?

    Long thoughful post.. Intense work.. Keep it all up lady!!


  16. @ Ashen Glow

    Thanks! :) Khatron ke Khiladi was good in the first season!

  17. Wonderfully written, and no mean to disagree this. reality continues to ruin our lives! and it wont if we SWITCH IT OFF! :)
    great post, keep it up. :)

  18. @ Aniket Kulkarni

    Hey thanks!

  19. I know its disgusting but then so are we... they wont give us what we don't want and wont watch...

    Big Brother around the corner...

  20. Its a hypocritical world

    I never watch those stupid shows

    Only when cable TV came where shows any good...Banegi Apni Baat/Commander/Wonder Years/Dekh Bhai Dekh

  21. I'm getting Tata Sky! Wait, that means I have to pay thousands of rupees of pure unadulterated "digital quality" crap!

  22. @ As the Mind Meanders

    Now the big B is hosting Big Boss...ack!

    @ Pesto Sauce

    Sigh...those were days! I think we can all re-watch the entire DBD series!

    @ SSD

    Dude...it's Dish TV. Don't go in for TATA. Too expensive andbahut sara jhanjhat!

  23. well said...

    The internet is doing the same thing nowadays as TV used to do or is still doing to us.

    I mean, what the hell are we doing here tweeting and blogging and all this stuff.. I would consider this too as a time waste stuff..

    One would say that nourishes our writing & creative skills, raise issues n all..

    In the end, would that thing help? Are we here on earth to do all this sh**?

    Well, to conclude I would say that there are a lot of things that come into those "time wasting" categories. Mobile phones, TV, Internet, Movies..

    There are n reasons for man to use them.. but thinking logically thats not life..

    Most of us wont agree.. but am not here to justify myself.. thats how people have been living in past.. thats how they will keep doing in future too.. unfortunately am being a part of this crowd forcibly..

    and yes, am not an idiot box lover.. watch history channel.. its best among the worst..

  24. Admitedly never been a fan of reality shows except for American Idol and I try and catch Rock On on MTV these days if I can. These for me are the only reality shows worth watching. Atleast there's genuine talent involved and while I dont know how the MTV guys will do it, the winners (and indeed the runners-up) of American Idol have gone onto major chart success in some cases. Even when they havent featured in the Top 3-4, some have become the hottest acts for that year and subsequent years. Case in point Chris Daughtry who finished a shocking 5th in the year that Taylor Hicks won! CD was the biggest record seller for the year beating Hicks in sales.

    Thats a superb situation for me as a viewer coz I got my money's worth from that show and also the contestants went onto to do soemthing unlike these other crap reality shows where you watch people stuck in a house waking up with bed hair and no makeup (some of women look stuningly bad!) and are brushing their teeth etc WTF!!

    I'd like to end by saying TV (even rotten reality shows) is a good thing for our country especially. Why? Arre yeh sab programming distractions ki wajah se desh ki aabaadi thodi toh control mein hai! :D

  25. well every1 say they hate reality shows, they dnt like reality shows... but no matter wht u like or not.. u end up watchin these shows.. some like rakhi ka swayamvar n all really suck.. next in line is Rahul mahajan.. god save Television..

  26. you are right..i have shut it off..only thing i remember watching now on tv is reruns of friends or AXN or sports..even news channels suck these days

  27. @ Dhirubhai

    Thanks for dropping by! Now you seem to have started off another argument altogether! I shall blog about this real soon!

    @ Blackfayth

    You know maybe the television is not at fault but the ones who create the content!

  28. @ Shashi

    Well yes I saw the promos! God save us, the TV and the girls!

  29. @ ani_set

    Arre the news channels are the reality shows these days! :(

  30. switching it off sure seems like the only way out!!!

    a very honest post! 150+ channels n no choice...strange...isn't it?

  31. @ blunt edges

    Yup! We have no choice!

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