New New New!

Hello! I have been really busy recently. I have suffering from all sorts of blocks...

But there is news. I am writing for a home designing website now- and B'Khush, an online mag has asked to post my blogs there! So this week I had two new things... I am kinda happy too but too busy to celebrate! Sigh...


  1. very good, always be happy , god bless you u are really doing a very well work.

  2. very good, always be happy , god bless you...lemme repeat krishan's good comment..gr8 going friend.cheers

  3. good going nikki :)
    happy for you.

  4. Great, be busy, be happy!!What about garba?

  5. Good to see you busy. Good luck. Do give those links on your blog too.

  6. Congratulations Nikki

    But I wanna see a proper post on this blog :-(


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