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Animation films Part I

This blog post is dedicated to my friend Vemana and Bharathy for they love animation films just like I do! I had long promised this to many of my twitter friends and finally I am putting this up today! Well, I of course cannot decide which animated movies are my favourite so I have just come up with a list of few must see films!

Lets start with Happy Feet! Happy indeed it was and made me extremely happy! Lol. I had the opportunity to watch it in the Dome theatre and the experience was just brilliant!

Now nothing beats this one! The Incredibles is one film I can watch over and over again and still look forward to watch it! Hahaha...awesome racy action and some cool moves...they are incredible!
This is the first feature length animated film in the world! Walt Disney's Snow White is a masterpiece! They say this 2D animated film has so many frames that if you line up the paper will go up to the moon! Absolutely delightful!

Awww...this was my first animated film in the theatre! And I love Hakuna Matata! Lion King...I have no words to describe this one!

Now this is a film that took everyone by surprise. Animation films were made for children with cutsie characters and some laughs! But Tim Burton turned the whole notion around and what a masterpiece this Corpse Bride is!

I have the story book and the lovely illustrations always fascinated me...Bambi is gorgeous! Classic!

Hayao Miyazaki is known as the Walt Disney of the East. But I would say he is much more than that! Ponio on the Cliff by the Sea just proves the prowess of Maestro. I am waiting for the English version of the film!

Spirited Away....

Pinnochio is another classic film and a must watch!

Up...Up up and away! This is not Pixar's latest and not a typical one at that! Watch it in the theatres...buck up!

Marlin is a brave lil fish who must find his son Nemo and it is a shame if you have not seen this one! A brilliant story by Andrew Stanton...

Wall-E is the biggest risk Pixar ever took. Such films are not made every day and the camaraderie between Eva and Wall-E is adorable...Evvvvaaaaa!
Mary and Max, a claymation film by Adam Eliot is an animation film with a difference! It deals with autism and aspergers. Do watch it!

Grave of the fireflies by Ishao Takahata is one film that would make you cry. Must Watch!

These are the must see short films according to me:

La maison en petits cubes by Kunio Kato. This is the Oscar winning masterpiece!

Oktapodi: This is the best animated short I have seen so far and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the longest according to Le Gobelins, all of 2 mins 17 seconds...Watch it!

Fantasmagorie: This is said to be the first ever animated film in the world! Made by Emile Cohl...

Margarita: Todor Dinov's masterpiece...

Printed Rainbow: Now this is a masterpiece in it's own right! Geentanjali Rao's Printed rainbow's every frame is beautiful. They say it has one of the most perfect story board's ever!

Ishu Patel's Bead Game is made using thousands of beads to animate the sequences. It is brilliant and was nominated for Oscars way before Lagan or any other Indian film!

This is my favourite series! Guard Dog by Bill Plympton. It is a series of six films and the animator is known to have drawn each and every frame with his own hands! You can watch him drawing daily on his website!

More coming up... next post will be more of classic animators!


  1. hey wonderful collection..thanks a lot for it...quite a few o' my fav' i'd also recommend..madagascar & Monster's Inc.

  2. Hey nice collection...
    But a few of my fav. movies were not there...
    - Ice Age Series...
    - Madagascar
    - Shrek

    May be it got out your mind or maybe you don't like them much...
    anyways still a cute blog post... :)

  3. Wonderful information of the Legendary animations here Nikita! Must appreciate your love for animations. <3 I even found out some new names in that, will anyhow watch most of theses movies which still untouched by me :)

  4. Wonderful information of the Legendary animations here Nikita! Must appreciate your love for animations. <3 I even found out some new names in that, will anyhow watch most of theses movies which still untouched by me :)

  5. @ meeta

    I love Madagascar...Part II for sure!

    @ Phoenix

    Shrek is good I agree and so are the other too. But these are like my favouritest! Will add them in Part II!

  6. @ blunt edges

    :) Awesome! Hakuna Matata!

    @ Aniket Kulkarni

    Thanks buddy! More coming up...

  7. huge and lovely collection of movies have seen most of them missed few will try to cover them all thank you for such a effort to share such a nice post .....

  8. I havent seen 60% of the movies listed :( Damn I want to see them!

  9. @ Kalyan

    Thanks buddy!

    @ Iggy

    You might have to get Dvds!

  10. wonderful! i too love animated movies, they bring the child alive in me, and yet at the same time i can see things from a grown-ups perspective too. the best of both worlds i say :)

    coming back to the list, its an exhaustive one n surely a reference for anyone interested in animated movies. some must see movies in there :)

    sadly, i've not seet many of these. but from those that i've seen, i wud love to recommend a few:

    01. Ice Age, all especially the first. its hilarious and addictive. n i'm understating dat.

    02. Monsters Inc. an absolutely adorable movie. it is a delight to just watch it unfold on the screen.

    03. Madagascar. again the first one was brilliant. but the second one was not behind either. actually can't decide between the two :D great characterization and a funky soundtrack.

    04. Persepolis. on a serious note, this is the story of an Iranian woman, from when she was a little girl around the revolution of 78 to twenty years later. as she grows, we see how her country also changed. it is a brilliant commentary on how human lives are affected by political changes in a nation. the very simplicity of its black n white 2d animation, leaves you wondrous and desiring for more.
    a must see on my list of animated movies.

  11. @ Adee

    I love Madagascar...its coming up next! Persepolis is brilliant too but I got bored in the second half!

  12. I am a dumb dumb person not to have seen this till now! Thank you so much for the dedication >:D<
    There are so many movies in this I am yet to see! Should round em all up very soon. Awaiting many more posts on animation!:)


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