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[S]Whine Flu...

Swine flu! It is every where! In people, papers and television, phew! People are actually wearing masks or at least covering their faces. And I, haven't even bought a mask or carry a kerchief. No, I am not brave. It just doesn't strike me. Weird na? Maybe. But then I am always in hurry because I am always invariably late. I can never leave early so its always touch and go.

And I travel by buses which are most of the times crowded. So this is what I observed:

As usual I was late so caught whichever bus that came first [lucky for me all buses head towards town]. I get in and I can stand comfortably. One aunty is sitting at the ladies window seat. She is wearing a mask and is looking around suspiciousy at everyone who enters the bus.

She gives me a stern look as if the flu is written all over my face. Well, I couldn't care less! Her neighbor gets up to go. Another lady sits in her place and unfortunately sneezes! Damnation! Auntyjee is horrified. The face is of course hidden so I couldn't see her gaping mouth but the eyes are the window to one's soul. So yeah, her badi badi aankhein said it all.

Then the mobile rings. And it rings even more. Aunty cannot find it in her huge carry bag. The other lady has to help, which aunty bears grudgingly and finally takes the call.

Now this is the funnyiest. Instead of taking off the mask completely, she just lifts it up a bit and talks in hush tones or so she feels. Even the passengers in the last seat can hear her.

I say, if she can talk and to talk you need to open your mouth then why all the fuss?

Like is she the only one who will be affected by the non existent swine flu germs in the bus? I say non existent because I am still safe. Touch wood! I know everyone has panicked but the flu will only go when it has to. Just avoid complications and go with the flow. Of course take precautions.

[The news channels are the ones who should be in quarantine. They have been flashing the deaths by swine flu thoroughout but never once clearly stated that many of people who died by the flu were actually sick before. And because their resistence was lower, they succumbed to it. So who do you trust now? Mummy of course... and daddy too!]

P.S: Soon IRE will look different!!!! I can't wait to show off!


  1. awesome!
    1. wash hands frequently.
    2. eat colored veggies.
    3. don't touch ur mouth or nose just like tht.
    4. include more fluids in ur diet.

    and tht is all one needs!
    aaaa chooo! got tht!

    Nice write up! :)

  2. @ Himanshu

    Good to see you blogging again! And yeah I shall remember the pointers!


  3. So true!
    Glad you said it all!


    waiting for new look

  4. well we tried to pass a guy sufferin frm jaundice in our hostel as swine flu and get all classes cancelled and all...

    damn our authorities r smart...caught da bluff...swines..

  5. Auntyjee needs to be told that only ppl who are already affected shd be wearing the masks to prevent others from getting it..not the other way round!!

  6. i agree about the media hype, i made the mistake of telling my wife that tomorrow being my off, i am going for Kaminey. and here she goes, No,theaters being closed space and how infection can spread, swine flue, dont come back home infected, this that..... Honesty is not always the best policy, you see.

    where is your *8 sex and cigrettee* post, i searched a bit couldnt find...its like telling me to hunt for an Anchovy in pacific ocean... Let me knwo, i would like to read. CIao:))

  7. Hehe superb Nikki even i wonder why people are panicking so much..go to any station and you will feel as if you are in US or Argentina

    I kind of like the stockings with the coffee :)

  8. the media has over-hyped the whole scenario as usual... this is all a game plan of the health ministry...its a very good way 2 transfer the government is playing along well!
    trust me, i m in usa n no1 here wears masks nor get so panicky like your 'auntiji'..newayz all d best! n just 4 fun just sneeze at sum1 wid a mask..n watch them say their last prayers!! :P

  9. Enough with [s]whine flu already! lol :) Loves it!

    And loving the new template! Awesome

  10. Hahaha... I wonder what the Lady would be doing once she reaches back home! A running LifeBoy Soap advertisement may be.

    The media was shouting for Swine flue for a week, and the competition in which they are; a symphony of nose is very evident.

    Amazed to see NDTV running a show "Did India overreact on Swine Flue" sompne please tell them the Media Overreacted in a race to get more "bytes". Huh!

    Good to hear your perspective though! ;)

  11. Wow ! a new template ... looking nice ....
    Swine Flu is more of scare than actually it is...
    Like in Bangalore the first death was reported with much fan fare with datewise chronological sequence and now the 5th death is just like any other death report and they are trying find out a "pattern" in all the deaths so far... truly how desperate for "bytes" ....

  12. Nice template! I'm equally irked about the swine flu hype! Wish people were as much hygenic always!

  13. :) i liked the title, the pic and the post!

    and yo, good template. tweek it a lil bit.

  14. First up... Ire is looking lovely... and the swine looks cute...

    Foot and mouth then, terrorism afterward and swine flu now... another opportunity for out collective paranoia to find an outlet and let itself loose on the world...

  15. heylo there nikki! stumbled upon ur blog from Saurabh Datar's blog... and realised we follow a lot of common blogs :) :D

    Nice writeup. I saw so many masks today at Andheri station that the lack of the damned mask made me feel really unique. hehehe. :P :D

    I swear I even saw disney masks on some kids going to school. now thats wht i call fast marketing eh? :P

    Nice place u got there. :) Will be back to read more.


  16. yea.. the flu of a swine is quite the bitch ..8-}

  17. The flu is overhyped. More people die of malaria than flu. News channels were apparently stopped frm airing more flu news since people stopped going to malls and hence loss of revenues.

  18. very true!! .. i love your template!

  19. Hiya there!

    PIGLET! Its one of my favourite cartoon characters... :)

    As for the flu, righto. People are simply paranoid. And its in our interest that at least we are not. :)

    Stay safe..

  20. @ all

    Thanks! I am glad you all enjoyed reading this. I am a bit under weather and so could not reply to each comment separately!


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