This is important to me. I know I have been missing for a while. Well, lets say I have been busy setting up something. It is a rare opportunity for me and I am happy to be a part of this.

And 'this' is Ghost Writers Inc.
Please check it out at: Ghost Writers Inc.

Anyone interested in writing full/ part time

Can get in touch with me.



  1. may ths b an auspicious bgnng
    best of luck

  2. Wish you all the best for the initiative Nikki... awesome....

  3. Let me know i am keen in venturing this new avenue.

  4. good luck, dudess. Keep writing. Cheers:))

  5. Ummmm.. Came here through Indiblogger... nice blog..though some changes would not be un-called for.

    Regarding this initiative, nice one..
    I do write... Am not a professional writer, but I think I do write.. And yes.. that does mean I am interested..

  6. @ As the Mind Meanders

    Thanks :) :)

    @ Nikholic

    Wow...I will get in touch with you right away!

    @ ZB

    Thanks and pass the word around!

    @ Navi

    Thank you. Would have been better had you mentioned the changes and I shall drop you a mail!

  7. omg nikki its you
    I was wondering who is following me on twitter...shoo shoo :D
    bolna to chahiye :P

    What is it about? you need to disclose more i guess

  8. @ ani_set

    Hehehe! I shall disclose more soon! Else will email you.

  9. Looks like someone is offended :|

    Anyways...what I was saying was about tweaking with the layout of your blog's theme. The central writing area could sure be widened and some changes in the header is also possible.

    I am sure you are not as furious as you were before.

    PS:- I have not received your mail :|

  10. Been here first time....liked your stuff

  11. i also travel in over-crowded buses everyday to go to college. and i also got sick a week back. not swine flu thankfully.. :)

    swine flu is seriously overhyped.
    1. its hardly fatal.
    2. it just spreads very fast.
    3. what about all other curable diseases that kill thousands daily? (eg. meningitis etc)
    4. IndiaTV rules!! it is still going on about "shani devta" and all. :D lolz


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