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I saw a ghost!!!

Well I thought I wouldn't have much to say or write this week as for the most part of it...I have been down with malaria [or so I thought] but lets say opportunities present themselves and so I have a story to tell...

A colleague of mine called me one night and we just got talking. He asked me whether I believed in spirits. No. I did not.

He was like, "Nikki have you ever been to a haunted house?"

Nikki says, "Arre pagal hai kya? No ways!"

He says; "Arre I went to one today!"

Nikki says, "How men? Where did you find one in Pune? And how did you know it is haunted?"

He says,"Arre its a lovely house on a lonely lane. Its huge. Like a mansion but it is not painted and no one lives there. So my friends called me and asked me to come along!"

Actually his friends called and said they were going to the haunted house [two boys and their girl friends and then another fattu boy]. They asked him if he wanted to go along with them. Now if he had said no, it would mean he was a scaredy cat too. So well he pretended that he wasn't affected and went along.

At the mansion's gate, he and the fattu boy decided to stay at the gate only. "Kyu?" they asked.

He promptly said, "Arre koi ayega toh phone karenge na hum log. Tum log jao...we will keep nazar."

So they went inside. After a while, the fattu boy says,"Arre maine saya dekha! I saw a ghost ya!"

He [sweating] says, "Shut up man! Aisa kuch nahi hai!"

Fattu boy says, "Really man! There goes one more...white and all..."

He [sweating profusely] says, "Just shut up now!" But the fattu boy accidently put his hand on his shoulder. Well that did it! He screamed his lungs out! Everyone rushed out white faced and he was bombarded with questions...

"What happen ya? Why did you scream?" Now what could he say ha? If he said that he screamed because he mistook the fattu boy's hand on his shoulder as a ghost or a spirit...he would be a laughing stock. And then his reputation in front the no! He couldn't let that happen.

So he said, "I saw a GHOST!" And thats all folks. They all packed up and scooted for their lives.

And I on the other end of the phone couldn't stop laughing...


  1. an apt title with excellent narration ,great work ...

  2. its nice that we could wire laugh from pune to hyd thru internet :)

  3. why dere is always a fat boy in ghost stories...and invariably he is always super scared...

    nyways....i see myself evryday in mirror..and i bet its lot more scarier!!

  4. @ Kalyan


    @ sawan

    :) :) :)

    @ buckingfastard

    :) hahahaha

  5. haha....seriously funny! Out of a story book

  6. @ Nicole Braganza

    I should have heard him on the phone!

  7. hehe good one good one ...Boo!!

  8. LOL!

    Hope you're feeling better.

  9. Hi Nikki,
    thats too fuunny!!! now, did those 'white shadow' ghosts run away because they saw your friends?

  10. You have been tagged

  11. roflol!! kya phattu hain tera dost! :P

  12. I have never seen a ghost.... I soo want to :-(

  13. @ Julia

    Hey good to hear from you! I am good now!

    @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    hehehe...have to ask now if the ghosts ran away coz of my friends!

    @ Spike

    Sheesh this is third tag..will do! Gimme some time!

  14. @ Tongue-fu-lady

    arre these boys are almost always phattu!

    @ ZB


    @ As the mind Meanders never want to see a ghost!

  15. lol...n ppl wonder how ghost stories r born ;)

  16. @ blunt edges This was fun though...

  17. :D really funny. good to see you in form nikki....
    am back. will be more regular now...

  18. That was funny incident well told...well almost real-life hauntings have a tinge of a similar kind of experience.
    BTW you are sure that it was malaria and not the S word disease :)

  19. haha! :D now that was hilarious!

    u shd have gone too na...

  20. @ Little girl Lost

    Hey! :) Good to see you too!

    @ Sujoy Bhattarcharjee

    No No! I am fit as a fiddle was malaria only!

    @ Leo

    I am in Mumbai re...


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