Happy Friendships day!

Whoever said this:

"The only reward of virtue is virtue; the only way to have a friend is to be one."

Was absolutely right. Sigh what would a world be without friends? Imagine at least we

can chose them? Else we

would be stuck with crazy relatives...

So here is to all wonderful my friends in the blogosphere and in the big bad world...

The world isn't so bad with you guys around!

Thank you for being you!

Happy Friendships Day!


  1. Hey World is never bad at all! We make it with our thoughts! Nice pic. Tiger hugging kiddo, that's insane btw.

    My Own Words About Friendship! NO lols please.(First attempt offer! No copyrights. FREE to copy.} *grin*

    I woke up
    with a dream today
    so sweet it was
    making few new friend, everyday
    going here and there
    wondering about the sane

    it was difficult, in reality
    friends were there, but
    lost in speedy walk of life, begging
    freedom from despair I laid

    I howled, so strong
    washed my face with rain of self
    then came those hands, waving
    erasing trolls of dribbles

    Dream was there, never
    leaving me alone in the bed
    It showed me again, making
    few new friend, everyday!


  2. Hey Happy friendship day to you as well!!

  3. Happy Friendship day to you too Nikki...

  4. And thank you for the "Alchemy of Desire"... I bought the book... and am halfway through it... and I am so thrilled that I bought it... it is brilliant writing...

    Thank you again

  5. Happy Friendship day to you too !!!

  6. happy friendship day 2 u too :D

  7. wish you too ditto the same. tc;))))))

  8. @ neeraj

    Thanks same to you!

    @ Dhaval Shah (aka dkcreatto)

    Thanks for the lovely poem!

    @ Sujata

    Same to you dear!

  9. @ eye-in-sty-in

    Happy Friendships day!

    @ Iggy

    :) Same to you!

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    Same to you dear!

    @ Dhiman

    App ko bhi!

  10. @ blunt edges

    Same to you!

    @ ZiLliOnBiG

    :) Same to you!

  11. I'm so glad to be friends with you, Nikki!


  12. Though I don't care two hoots about Fraandsheep Day, friends are to be cherished and valued.

    I am sounding like a Hallmark greeting card here.

  13. @ Julia Smith

    I feel the same way Julia.

    @ SSD


  14. wow; thats a cool blog u have!! :)

  15. happy friendship day and i like your template :)


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