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[According to my Tweet-heart I am always killing people in my fiction here is something different. Hope you guys like it!]
“Love makes you do strange things…” yeah, whatever thought Kiki. Time and again someone, somebody, and even nobody, had rubbed it in her face the thing about love! Okay, so it was a four-letter word and meant the world to many a fool.
Sigh… it was fleeting. Yeah, it was a momentary thing, this love. It came and went. She was a prime example of that. It came as quickly and went within a blink of an eye. Every time it had happened she had thought of the particular ‘him’ to be the one. The one with whom she could always remain in love with. But then there was always the other ‘him’ who turned out to be better. And whole ‘him’ thing was turning out to be a crazy whim! She had one heart alright only it was a bit of a butterfly.
Her first had been Pete. Or was he the second… or no…he was the fifth. What a beautiful specimen he had been! Even her mother was…

I saw a ghost!!!

Well I thought I wouldn't have much to say or write this week as for the most part of it...I have been down with malaria [or so I thought] but lets say opportunities present themselves and so I have a story to tell...

A colleague of mine called me one night and we just got talking. He asked me whether I believed in spirits. No. I did not.
He was like, "Nikki have you ever been to a haunted house?"
Nikki says, "Arre pagal hai kya? No ways!"
He says; "Arre I went to one today!"
Nikki says, "How men? Where did you find one in Pune? And how did you know it is haunted?"
He says,"Arre its a lovely house on a lonely lane. Its huge. Like a mansion but it is not painted and no one lives there. So my friends called me and asked me to come along!"
Actually his friends called and said they were going to the haunted house [two boys and their girl friends and then another fattu boy]. They asked him if he wanted to go along with them. Now if he had sai…

Ganpati Bappa Morya!!!

Hello all!
My favourite festival has begun...yippeee!!! Check out the pics at the Mumbai Blog


So I have been tagged by two people to do the same one! So me tagging few more...Himanshu, Rashmi, Supriya, SSD...1. What time did you get up this morning?
10:30 AM. not an early riser...2. How do you like your steak?Sacrilege3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?Harry Potter and the half blood prince4. What is your favoriteTV show?Grey's Anatomy, Friends5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

[S]Whine Flu...

[ pic courtesy:]
Swine flu! It is every where! In people, papers and television, phew! People are actually wearing masks or at least covering their faces. And I, haven't even bought a mask or carry a kerchief. No, I am not brave. It just doesn't strike me. Weird na? Maybe. But then I am always in hurry because I am always invariably late. I can never leave early so its always touch and go.
And I travel by buses which are most of the times crowded. So this is what I observed:
As usual I was late so caught whichever bus that came first [lucky for me all buses head towards town]. I get in and I can stand comfortably. One aunty is sitting at the ladies window seat. She is wearing a mask and is looking around suspiciousy at everyone who enters the bus.
She gives me a stern look as if the flu is written all over my face. Well, I couldn't care less! Her neighbor gets up to go. Another lady sits in her place and unfortunately sne…


This is important to me. I know I have been missing for a while. Well, lets say I have been busy setting up something. It is a rare opportunity for me and I am happy to be a part of this.
And 'this' is Ghost Writers Inc. Please check it out at: Ghost Writers Inc.
Anyone interested in writing full/ part time
Can get in touch with me.