It's a dog's life!

I am still ranting...yeah! I suffer from a syndrome. In the last weeks I have written a lot, sadly none of it was for the blog. Blah. I have always wanted a pet. Dog or cat anything will do. Every dinner conversation finally gets to where we plan to have a dog!

I even add, cat will do too! But ma as usual is adamant and dad is skeptical. I don't blame them. My sister and me live like nmads at home. Our room is a mess [no more details here!] and we eat and sleep whenever we want! And from the time I have been working from home, which I am enjoying I must say, it has been worse. So who will look after the dog? Me! I say! I always put this in! I will do everything and they won't have to spend a penny!

But my promises are not taken seriously. My sister needs to add a more flesh to herself and has been rying for a while. So my dad promised her that you put on weight and we get a dog! Golden Opportunity! I could see stars...unlike tweety though...! I already dreamt of how the dog would be and what we would name him [yeah, no puppy business!]. I even convinced my bf.

One day dad called and spoke to Manu, the sister. "You have two options. There is a black lab and a beige lab. Both are 90 days old. Boy and girl. Which one do you want?"

Manu on the other hand, pretends to think and says, "Let it be papa! Who will take care of it?"

Papa: "Are you sure?"

Manu: "Yes Papa!"

Blah and dad never called me! So no dogs. That was the closest we came to having one. I am very heartbroken and kept pleading but nobody listens to me! Boo hoo hoo! I have threatened them though...I'll get a stray pup off the street. I just want a pet! Is that too much to ask for?

P:S: have gotten my bf to agree that we will keep a dog! :)


  1. nice one. your sister at blame here. ask her to get you one!

  2. loved reading i also like to have one but i can't because whole day i am in office so who will take care of the pet. Why don't you play a trick sth like fall sick or sth until your parents promise you to get one!!

  3. @ Mihir

    No point ya. The chance is gone :(

    @ Gautam

    I have tried it all...nothing works!

  4. OMG! Story of my life...And you know, stray pups are waaayyy better than pure breeds any day! I'm going to get one as soon as I start living on my own :)

    Good luck with your mission comrade!

  5. @ Iggy

    I know..remember the dachshund puppies...sigh!

  6. same ghar ghar ki kahani, me and my kidz wanna have pet but my wife said choose one either me ( ma wife) or pet and talk closed

  7. work towards making that dream come true... :)

  8. are yaar..why did your sis do that..and why did your dad call up sis instead of you??

  9. awww...dats sad...d moment i left home, my folks got a dog...n it gives me real unpleasant luks weneva i go home!

    last heard, it was sleepin on my bed!!!

  10. I was like kulbir's wife...choose me or the dog and the dog was promptly forgotten.
    I love dogs, when they are in someone else's house. They stink in the monsoon and the house starts stinking with them. And who will take the dog out? So till the time the kids are grown up and can clean up after a dog, please forget the species even exist.

  11. awwwwwwww how saddddd!!! ... i like dogs but from a distance... get a poodle!! or a chi hua hua!!

  12. well, i never wanted a pet at my place, may be i dont like them. But also could be that i never actually tried to come closer to them. But whatever may be, keeping a pet at one's place require lot of care and adjustment from each family member.

  13. Oye madam its not as easy as it sounds ok...i remember when i was in 10th grade and i pleaded with my parents to get me a dog and promised to give him a shower..feed him..clean up after him..everything...

    And so they get me one..and as xpected i loved rocky beyond words but the cleaning him, taking him for walks thingie i carefully sidestepped..:)...and poor ol dad had to take him for walks everyday..hehe...sadly rocky's dead now..

    anyways the pt is..its easy to suggest getting a dog..but taking care of it is a totally different cup of tea


  14. I am not at all a pet person..apart from fishes in an aquarium I find them all extremely high maintenance!! But in your case its better to have one when you are married na? your bf also agrees why have one in the maika and miss an extra creature once married!!

  15. @ Kulbir

    Yaar my mom says the same! :(

    @ Arv

    Yeah maybe I should just get a stray pup home!

    @ ani_set

    Pata nahi aisa kyu hua but yaar my bad luck is kharab!

  16. @ blunt edges

    Oh shoot! Patao it na? bring biscuit and all?

    @ Aparna

    :( But I will look after my dog!

    @ Dream3er

    Noooo! I am getting a lab! Not those ugly things...

  17. @ Atul

    I am ready to make all adjustments!

    @ Aw.S.M

    I want a dog period!

    @ Nothingman

    No fishes please!

    @ sujata

    Good idea! Thanks..


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