Okay people I don't know what to write about! I am busy to the core. Fine. Just a bit busy but seriously my brain has gone for a walk. Such times call for mixed emotions. My pals are leaving. Actually one of them has left. N took off for Dubai and DN is leaving soon.

I couldn't meet N but will definitely catch up with DN. I miss my college days. I seriously do. This freelancing bit is fun and keeps the moolah coming in. I hate routine but kya kare papi pet ka sawal hai! Ufff...lolz.

I am fed up off the newspapers too. What is the world coming to? Planes are crashing everywhere and the Indian Judiciary is asking more and more people to recognize Qasab as the terrorist responsible for 26/11. I have had enough. Kuch nahi ho sakta in logon ka! Bloody bull as usual and then people ask me why did Mumbai have such low turn out for voting! Common sense nahi hai kya? I know I am ranting and it helps me, d'uh!

Tomorrow is my best friend's birthday who has totally forgotten to call me! Arrrggghhhh....!

Anyways will resume my mundane spacing about at home. Hope to write something meaningful soon! TC!


  1. here, here...just a cool little down my very dear friend..all is well...:)

  2. @ R.Ramesh

    So you finally comment here! Thanks! :) I am having chilled roo-afza!

  3. dude. best friend. you have to call. you cant call her(him?) your bet friend and not call them. its the eternal rule.

    make that call, you'll feel better.

    as for the rest "welcome to the jungle"
    hang in there ;)
    its bound to get better after the alltime low

    much <3

  4. Hope you write soon ya. Thanks for passing by!

  5. @ Meghana Naidu

    Yes! My dear I was the first one to call her! :)

    @ Seraphic

    Any time! Shall write soon!

  6. Ask me bloody d'uh....brain has gone to tibet i guess :(

  7. ahan..even i m losing my frnds slowly to US and U.K :'(
    horrible feeling!

  8. guess am feeling the blah too... LOL...

    dont ya worry, this will pass too :)

    take care.. and keep the smiles shining bright :)


  9. @ Rash

    Why Tibet Rash?

    @ green pirate toy

    I totally agree! Only two weeks back my bro left for Washington!

    @ Arv

    Yeah. I know It shall pass. But life seems to be in slow motion for now!

  10. lol...a rant it sure was...but got me grinnin 4 some reason!!!

    just outta curiosity...why do ppl ask U d reason 4 mumbai's low voter turnout??? ;)

  11. @ blunt edges

    No clue. Maybe because I do not have the ink stain on my middle finger!

  12. Blaah blaah blaah :)
    Sometimes it feels good.random rants :D

  13. @ ani_aset

    Oh it totally does! :)

  14. Hey.. seems yu re feeling low... dnt worry.. it means god is trying to make something good out of it.. anyways.. same kinds stuff is at my side too.. chal. enjoy the party. if u get..!

  15. bahhh:( i am running from one blog of yours to another...arre baba..sweating..and where is he, the gr8 man who has done the vanishing trick? is he angry with me??no way..he is a good boy..and u, thanks for staying connected..cheers..and do stay in touch with philosopher and naik..

  16. @ Atul

    I am not low. Just a lil lonely. But I am ok now! :)

    @ R. Ramesh

    Arre that boy is very busy. No time for me also. Lolz. He gives his regards. I will try and get in touch with the philosopher...:)


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