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Amitabh's Mard and much more...

This post is for As the Mind Meanders. I don't personally agree that Mard-The Amitabh-Amrita Singh starrer was a great film. But my friend has seen it over and over again. Well, to each his own. This film though, is special to my mother if not dad so much.

I was told that in early November, 1985, my parents decided over a long distance phone call [24 years ago making a call from Bombay to New Bombay required STD connections! I am ancient!] to go watch the film Mard. My mother who was heavily preggers with me, happily agreed. Two reasons; she would get time to be with my father and watch Amitabh. She was and is an ardent fan. She wouldn't miss a single film if given a chance. So they were supposed to see the film on 17th November. Tickets were booked and plans were made!

My dad would travel all the way from Andheri, pick her up and go to some cool theatre in town [South Mumbai is town]. But destiny had other plans.

10:00 pm, 16th November

Leena's [mom] tummy starts aching. My nani dismisses it as tummy burn or something. This is so because my mum had already raised two false alarms. First time you see! But the pain only increased. Nani said to wait. Nana had panicked and Mum wanted to go to the hospital.

11:00 pm, 16th November

By now, Nani and Ma decided it was indeed time.

On the other hand Subir [dad] was at the cargo complex, working late as usual. Nana called Papa and told him that Leena is going to the hospital. Don't worry and finish your work [poor dad!].

Ma and Nani go to Pai hospital and have Ma admitted. Nana falls asleep at home due to too much tension.

1: 30 am, 17th November

Doctor Pai is summoned. He rushes in, with one cheek unshaved. There are 11 other expectant mothers in the same ward as Ma.

1:54 am, 17th November

Enter Nikita Banerjee into the big bad world! Lolz.

Lolz. Ma later told me that she was esctatic yes but had to miss the film! She would tease me saying that she had to miss the film because of me! Couldn't I come in when I was supposed too? [that would have been early december or so!].

Another thing. I think I triggered off something. Because afterwards 11 babies were born in the night. Imagine the poor doc's plight! 11 girls and one boy! whoa!


  1. wow thats really lovely!!!! tell leena aunti it was much worth missing the movie Mard cause she got an angle against thats a smart deal.

  2. aww so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.!!!! i never knew this!

  3. @ Nikholic

    LOlz. I don't think she will agree about the angel part! :)

    @ Dream3er

    Serious? Sheesh! Lolz

  4. Birth Chronicles of Nikita Banerjee - Let's make a movie on this! :P
    Lovely! :)

  5. hahah..I'm so glad you aren't a boy..cause otherwise who knows..your pet name might have been mard! :)

    Such a sweet post :)

  6. You disliked the movie even before you were born... and you did not allow you mother also to see it... how unfair...

    And then you start an exodus... I wonder if poor Doctor Pai was planning to watch Mard as well...

    You should be grounded... punished... tied to a chair and forced to watch Mard back to back 8 times in 24 hours :-)

    This post is seriously cute...

  7. @ Himanshu

    Lolz. :P

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    Thank you Thank you! By the way I have seen the movie once or twice!

    @ Iggy

    Lolz. Yeah I am glad I am not a boy!

  8. lol... that was a sweet yet exciting post (i think it ws the timeline).....

    11 girls and one boy! whoa! and one half shaved doc! Doctor ki toh hajamat ho gayi :P

  9. @ eye-in-sty-in

    Thanks! I don't know about the doctor yaar! Lolz. Poor him!

  10. You should treat your mom to that movie!! Loved the lines where nana slept because of too much tension..when my daughter was being hubby could not stop munching nuts and waht irritated me to no end!! Talk about handling stress!!

  11. @ Sujata

    My mom has seen all the tall man's films time and again! Hehehe. You know my dad was so excited that he went and got a huge blue teddy bea and when he came to see me...I was so tiny!

    I played with the bear for 6-8 years!

  12. That's very cute.. yes but very scary as well! Imagine getting all ready to see a movie and saying hello to labor pains instead! And that too so unexpectedly! Brrr....

    But all for good reasons, right Niks?? :)

    Have seen the movie myself and i agree with you... Not that great. To add to it, i hate amrita singh... :(

    Btw..know which was the first movie after marriage my ma and pa saw?
    Attenborough's Gandhi!
    So much for a romantic film.. Heh!

  13. @ AshenGlow

    Lolz thank you!

  14. lol... ;)

    ekdam filmy entry lag rahi hai!!


    what do i say!

    welcome to the world!

  15. "Mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota" Aaai so Mard had to be skipped for you to enter the world !!!! What an idea Madam jee ;)
    Also think of it your birth chronicle is little hatke :D

  16. @ Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    Yes I am a drama queen!

    @ Dhiman

    My three-year old nephew has learnt this dialogue! lolz And about me...I am hatke!

  17. That was a kewl post... a light hearted one :)

    I take that they watched the movie by now :)

    take care da... cheers...

  18. u realize u hv just given off ur age? ;)

    "Nana falls asleep at home due to too much tension" rofl...dats wat i call a cool nana :D:D

    n some 4 some strange reason dis reminds me of d scene frm friends...wen chandler asks erica as she is goin into labor
    "so, u ever wonder which is worse, u know, going through labor or getting kicked in the nuts?" :D

  19. @ Arv

    Thank you!

    @ blunt edges

    I don't mind giving out my right age! Sadly I don't have many memories of Nana as he passed away really early in my life. But he was nice.

    I like the chandler comparison!

  20. awesome story... and ofcourse the coolest part is that it is true :)

  21. @ zephyr

    Thanks! :) :) :)

  22. I haven't seen the movie mard, but the title sounds too cheesy for my taste, and well your birth is a small Hindi film in a way!!!! Well written.....

  23. @ prithvi

    Thank you! Keep visiting. And the film is really cheezy! Worst is the title song!

  24. oh! i havent seen d movie yet! hadnt evn heard of it b4 meander n u mentioned it:D...

    the post was great:)

  25. Thats a real sweet cheek shaven doctor?? exaggeration??

    So thats how u came into being eh...They missed Mard and they got u :P...but i kinda liked the big b fan as my name suggests) made me sit and watch it..:D


  26. @ manisha

    Don't bother watching the film. It is silly. Thanks for dropping by!

    @ Aw.S.M

    Lolz poor you! And I ain't exaggerating the doc's plight!

  27. Wow. This is some tale! Wish mine was such a dramatic entry! Cool blog and thanks for following!

  28. I liked this post very much.I am a very big fan of Amitabh Bachhan and I have not missed a single movie infact watched all movies may be twice or thrice.Mard movie is also good may not comparable with other brilliant movies.

  29. @ Babli

    Thank you for dropping by! I have seen all Amitabh's films too and have enjoyed them. Mard is bad compared to the others!

  30. I think this is one of your most interesting posts on u r blog. :)

  31. @ exposemaximum

    Hey! Thanks! :)

  32. Ahh... timing to perfection.
    get her a DVD of MARD. and get out of Curse :D

  33. hehe sweet entrance nikki..welcome to the world..amitabh hates you for dare you stop his fan from watching his movie :D

  34. you got it so detailed,as if you was enjoying it within !

  35. @ Gaurav Jain

    I think I may have enjoyed it! Hehehe...

  36. ha! you have narrated as if you had a camera( HD Camcoder) installed , all along as these incidents were unfoalding and later you downloaded it to your memory card inside your brain.

    Cute post, brought a smile.:))


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