To do or not to do?

The SSC results are out! And I hope everything is great with all those who appeared for it this year. I hate going down the memory lane to reminisce about my SSC. Horrible memories there. Anyways, I was at the office today [Jam] and this boy came in with his folks.

Apparently he had scored 92 percent and he was confused. Rather his ambitious parents were confused. Should he start preparing for IIT JEE or should he prepare for the medical CET from now? WTF? I know the IIT thingy is serious and so is the medical seat, but he just got his results today? And with rainbow colours blinding your eyes from the marksheet...why not rejoice? Why mull over things that can be thought over for the next few weeks? No answer to this. Parents and their kids will never get it. I still don't. I am glad I was never this topper or something. I was average and I am. So not much expectations and hence no pressure. I do my own thing and my parents theirs.

God alone knows what will happen!


Now I met this girl at office. She had come for an audition a few days earlier. She is from the capital but had this crazy accent. It was bad. The whole idea was bad. Whatever. Next she says, Dont you think my accent is so British? Had I been around I would have said, the door is on your right.

What is with the accent? We all speak English so cut the crap. You have lived all your life here so why pretend to be someone else? It doesn't take you anywhere. So I hope to god I never meet her or interact with her. Else she would know where the door is!


  1. 92%... wow! I'd flip out if I scored as much! and I bet the boy does not even blog! .... !! So in that way, I'm glad you were avg :-)

    Aha, a firang wannabe! how stupid is that! Hat it when ppl are too naive to find their own identity!

  2. Yeah! kiddos these days start calculating their package per annum(i hope i spelled it right) before even stepping into college wtf but i dont think many ppl think like the way we do, so lets just shut up.

    I am with you for the accent part, we'll show her the door together :)

  3. totally agree on the first part, these topper children tend not to have any personality of thier own, just what is drilled into them by parents.

  4. cant really blame anybody here...with time i guess ppl will work towards what their unique skills r..parents n teachers n the whole bloody so-called education system will change!
    u work at JAM ? thats cool!

  5. @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    I totally agree with you! Lolz, maybe he doesn't blog!

    There is more to the firang wannabe time!

    @ Rash

    Yes. Pagal hai yeh sab.

  6. getting 92%in the 10th is a very dangerous thing, it misleads a lot of kids to take up streams they have no flair for. There is a huge difference between the syllabus till the tenth and the one beyond it.

  7. @ Roy

    I second you there! Thanks for visiting!

    @ Vinnie

    Arre its a rat hole! More news on that coming in soon!

    @ Sujata

    I totally agree! I am so glad I wasn't a part of the confusion.

  8. Yes... I was happily average too...

    And why didn't you hire that girl... with her multiple personality disorder... it would have been like hiring two for the cost of one... I will never be able to understand you :-)

  9. @ As the Mind Meanders

    You nailed it! The chic with multiple personality disorder would cause much disorder in the office. Anyways Jam is a rat hole yaar!

  10. hi Nikki...

    landing here through followers...

    Most people would know what they want by the time they finished the schooling but for some people it takes forever to figure out what they want... and then there are some who never :P

    nice post mate...

    take care... cheers...

  11. He he he! :) you will find loads of them in Mumbai.. its a land of potential wannabes.. and considering that a celebrity like salman puts on such a ridiculous accent.. it comes as no suprise.. after all.. these ppl learn it all from stars!

  12. The government is finally waking up to education reforms.. did you make them read your blog :P ?
    the pressure on students these days is baffling.. more than what is required


  13. eeeks!! ... i dont know what to comment ..... sad!! u meet them next time... tell em to jump in a glass full of water

  14. ah.... thank god scores never rally bother my fam...i was good rather above average for a long time...

    now,when i have done a few things on my own, m usually average and they dont seem to mind that...

    about accents... i spent a month in delhi for internship and i caught one from my assistant editor ...can u beat it? i at times thank god that i was there only for one month...

  15. hoy hoy...controlll madammm..controlll :P....

    uski zindagi..uska accent..jeeleene de yaar:P..hehe..but yeah seriously wats with the fake accent??!! first salman khan, then random gal whom u shouldnt meet :P.

    And 92% waala kids parents seriously need to get a life..let him off the hook already...bachaa doesnt even get to watch Transformers 2 i guess...tsk tsk

    keep ranting :)


  16. me too was an average. But then i was not happy, but now i am. I had no burden of expectation. But i got through engineering entrance and my pals, some of whom got 90=+% couldnt get through.

    We got to get out of this Engg/mediccine/mba culture. there is more to life than just aim/ ambitions/slog, when do we manage time to live? or as they say take time out to smell the roses?

  17. That's exactly my attitude and by Gods grace I have reached a slot that other IIT/IIM's have even though I never topped at anything or studied hard.
    A small request - your blog is too difficult to read.Came here from the mind meanders...
    all the best

  18. @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    Will update soon!

    @ Arv

    Thank you! Keep visiting!

    @ Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    Hello! It's sad and true buddy. But Salman gets away with a lot of things and this chic is no Salman!

    @ Sharad Sharma

    Yes I read about the awakening and have been reading about it. Call me cynical, but I don't believe in any of their reforms! So the poor students continue to suffer.

  19. @ d gypsy!

    You are lucky ya! And the chic I wrote about is from Delhi. I wonder how it happens...

    @ Aw.S.M

    Arre, you should meet her man! crazy kid lolz.

    @ Standbymind

    Exactly, WTF?

    @ ZiLliOnBiG

    I totally agree with your point of view!

    @ aahang

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Please ell what exactly makes it difficult for you to read my blog?


  20. well yea parents seem a lot more concerned these days, if only they can let kids do what they love doing..Do you have a recording of this girl..would be fun to hear :D


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