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Part I

This was a different assignment. Very different one indeed. There was almost nothing that she hadn't tried before. She was a good photographer and hence, the transitions came easily. She wasn't formally trained but to simply explain her talent was to say she was gifted.

Kira kept going round and about in her office chair. She was happy the way things were turning out- she had her own little office and work was good. She was a great fashion photographer and so much more. Maybe that is why this assignment had baffled her.

What was so fascinating about blood and gore? The client had taken her by surprise. They wanted photographs of blood splattered...gore, rotting bodies lying in the snow etc. Her worried expression had made her client laugh. Of course, all this was to be staged. They were going to call a renowned makeup artist to take care of the look and the frozen park in Surrey would be the best location. Kira had smiled nervously but had agreed as the money was good and so was the challenge. She was to leave town the next day and go straight to the town in Surrey. She had heard a lot about the town and the peaceful countryside there. God willing Kira would explore the place a bit too if she gets a chance.

The client had put her up in a cozy little cottage near the park. Park! Kira thought... they called this a park? It was more like a forest. Lines and lines of conical pine trees with snow-capped peaks formed the so-called park. Walking for about ten minutes they came to a clearing and that's when she saw the set up. God! Anybody would have said these were real bodies. Luckily they weren't else she would have thrown up. The daylight was perfect and so the shoot commenced.
It was going perfectly. The dead bodies were great models and after every few shots they changed their positions. They were being shot in a way that would not look orchestrated. Weren't they supposed to though? Kira wondered. Her boots were soaked in blood or red paint. She had a good mind of getting rid of them.

The shoot was going to be long and they were going to go a bit deeper into the woods. Kira did not want to go with the models so she said she would walk a bit. The park was a virginal white and the splashes of red looked ethereal. The cottage at the end of the road surprised her. It looked cozy that she walked right in. It had a stained glass door in yellow, green and red. Perfect, she thought. She knocked but no answer. So she decided to try the back door if there was any. But as she turned, she felt some one's eye on her.

When she turned, Kira gasped. There was a girl plastered on the glass door and blood was visible. But slowly common sense prevailed and she started to click away. Of course, this was the second leg of the shoot. They had mentioned they would be shooting a single model here. So Kira went around the house and at every window, she met the girl.

She must be a beauty without this ghastly make up, Kira thought. She made a mental note of speaking about her to the client. Plus she was really good; the poses were so real. She aimed at one last shot, when a raven broke her focus. It was pitch black and it kept peering at her. She tried to shoo it away but it did not budge. Kira thought, her shots were and they would work best. So she decided to call it a day and waited a bit for the client to come out of the house with the model.
The sudden snowfall foiled her plans and she thought she would get back to the cottage.


  1. woah! woah! woah!!! Dude update ASAP! Man i can't wait to know what happens next!! This story is right up my alley...gore and blood...bring it on! :D

  2. BAAAAAp re baap!!!! i so second iggy here make it supa-dupa fast plz

  3. @ Iggy

    Hehehe... looks like I am in the horror mode for now! :)

    @ Rashmi

    :) There is more...

  4. hey...keep posting rest...its interesting...horror stuffs make it hard to wait

  5. The best i can find in this type of writing fiction is sudden modulation of the the one in "GOD !...."
    and "Perfect..."
    All that is left for you is to create a thrill in next part.I hope that you have currently 2 more parts to write after.
    All d best.


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