Testing 1,2,3...

Err...I am in the experimenting mode!

I kind of like this template. Do you or don't you? Let me know....


  1. Static background is good, but the mobile background (red bit) is not really helping in reading the text of the blog.

  2. it's kinda cute..but i was expecting something a little darker, to fit the 'ire' persona! :)

  3. Black and red - nice combo.
    They say tht black is..well..black.
    I say that black is the color that comes out when u absorb all the other colors.. :)

  4. u can put any template of ur choice girl..u should like it:)

    as far as we, ur readers r concerned, we r able to read n thats what matters

    btw, pyzam templates always rock!!

  5. much better! wooh! :D loves it!

  6. liked the static background..
    template does not matter much when the content is good (which it is , in this blog's case) :)

  7. @ To All

    Thank you my dear readers! I shall stick to this one till I find better!

  8. btw, current template looks cool.


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