Passing thought

Just a passing thought

The world would have been a much nicer place to dwell in, had we not had a brain and a stomach!


  1. Mother Nature would have loved it :)

  2. Brain I understand, but no stomach too? What would we do then? And what would have happened to all the yummy food?
    I guess I am quite happy with both my brain and my stomach. Not willing to trade in with the Kareena Kapoors of this world.

  3. But the world dwells on these two things...

    There wouldnt be anything left to work for.. if not for these..

    The world would be a boring place to be in... no?

  4. Ref to Shiney Ahuja... maybe another body part as well

  5. @ Arv

    You totally understood what I am saying!

    @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    Yaar, pet se hee toh sara problem shuru hota hai. The beginning of all wants!

    @ Iggy


    @ Aparna

    It's not about the yummy food dear! It is much more than that!

  6. @ Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    No. I don't think boring. But then we would not have any war or nuclear war threats. We would be living beings.

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    See had we no brains, the Shiney's of the world wouldn't be able to do this na!

  7. No brains would be great, am all for it, no tummy too..hmm ok not a bad ide guess all the yuk things are because of the papi pet..What if we just had a heart and the eyes..and we were all casper like//floating feeling and more of the anti gravity floating!! I would like that!!

  8. no stomach and no brain...

    then whats the need to be here... doesnt that mean no life...?

    nice blog, i will read remaining posts later...

  9. @ Sujata

    Brilliant solution!

    @ Suree

    Well, I wouldn't say it would mean no life. It would definitely mean no greed and want.

  10. I love both of them - not trading either for anything else or for nothing :P

  11. yaar.... lekin isi liye toh brain haina.... pet ki wants ko control mein rakhne ke liye :P

  12. Nikki... how much do you think dogs think... but then again.... if we had no brain... I guess what Shiney did would not be considered morally wrong..

  13. @ Himanshu

    You don't get the point my dear!

    @ eye-in-sty-in

    yeh thoda debatable hai!

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    debatable again!

  14. @ eye-in-sty-in

    Chalo! Debate post kar diya!

  15. @ manisha

    I am so glad you agree!


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