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Part II

 [Before you start reading, please read Part I]

Kira had had enough of the snow. It was so white that it would blind her. But she had to admit, it was beautiful. Now only if the cold weren't biting into her skin, she would have been happier. She would have been happier had they told her about the second leg of the shoot too.
But some people have weird ways of working, so be it. She had to walk for about forty minutes before she reached her cottage. Looks like I lost my way! Thought Kira.

Once inside, she messed the carpet with red blots all over. Wasn't the snow supposed to soak up everything? The weird gets weirder, she thought. A cup of hot chocolate would do the trick indeed! 

While fixing herself a cup, she saw the raven perched at her kitchen window. Could it be the same one? No. Don't be silly, Kira thought. All blackbirds look the same! She tried to shoo it away, but it did not budge. Whatever, it could wait for eternity if it wished. She wasn't going to entertain it. She fell back on the couch and sipped her hot chocolate. She must have dozed off when she suddenly awoke with some tapping noise.

When she looked up, that raven... it was pecking into her glass window! She rolled a newspaper and tried to shoo it away, but in vain. It was persistent and wouldn't go! She tried calling her client, but her phone was dead! Kira had a rising sense of panic grip her! But when she returned to the window the raven was gone! The glass remained untouched. 

Could I have been having a nightmare in the afternoon? Thought Kira. Maybe she was tired and had enough of gore for one day. She would wash the negatives and start working right away. It was the best tonic...her work!

It was almost midnight when she emerged from the little workroom they had provided her. She had wanted to watch TV but had no strength now. Around 5 am Kira, opened her eyes to a strange sound and a nasty headache. What the hell was going on? Was the climate to blame?

She wore her dressing gown and came down the stairs. As she fixed herself another hot chocolate, the same tapping sound from yesterday got louder and louder. She went into the living room and was horrified to see the raven again. It stopped and stared right back at her. But as she got closer it flew away. Get back to work Kira, her mind kept telling her. She entered the study and started going through the prints. The first batch looked impressive, they were exactly what she had in mind.

Now the could this be possible? It was all blurred! But her lenses were clean, and she never went wrong with the pics. The more she went through them, the more blank they appeared as if they were just. She was furious, and as she looked up, the raven was at the window, again peering hard at her. She felt as though it was mocking her. She felt sweat seeping out of her skin as she stared at the bird. She was so angry that she rolled the newspaper to shoo the bird away yet again!

But as she held the paper, it turned red with blood! Kira screamed in fright and let go of the article. And she looked at her hands...they were covered in blood. It wasn't sweating, but blood kept seeping out of her skin. She was standing in a pool of blood. She looked like a pale doll in a puddle of red. 
Slowly she collapsed where the paper had fallen.

With a little life left in her, she read the American photographer's news on the front page,
"Kira Fox disappears in a park in Surrey. Body found mutilated in a cottage in the middle of the park!"


  1. F*&^!!!! Dude I hope there is more!!!!

  2. F****** hellllll...there's more right???

  3. @ Iggy & Rashmi

    :) Maybe...

  4. I actually get scared by ur horror stuff...dreading, if there is more!

  5. @ Himanshu

    Beware! There is more to come//evil laughter//

  6. whew!!! Horror.. reminded me of a movie *forgot the name though* but ossum!!! there shd be another part!!

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkssssssssss :P :P

    i so loved it..kya tha yeh? jo bhi tha..sahi tha!

  8. is there more?

    thats awesome...very well written

  9. Hmmm... nice... Waiting for something scarier now... :-)

    You can write mate... no doubts about that... the best thing about the story were the bits that you left unexplained at the end... you know how to structure a story..


  10. @ DreamCatcher

    Like I said, there might be!

    @ Vinnie

    Thank you yaar!

    @ Raghav

    Keep guessing and thanks!

    @ Julia


    @ As the Mind Meanders

    Thank you!

  11. Im sorry for the delay!

    but god that was terrifying. I would be really glad to read more of such stuff though, I love horror. are u writing more? u shud.
    that really was nightmarish!


  12. @ Impressionist

    Thanks! Maybe there is more yaa..I haven't thought about it!

  13. Wow this is excellent stuff!! will wait for the next part with bated breath

  14. @ Sujata

    Thank you! I hope there is another part!

  15. @ Dream3er

    More may come! Now I am not sure yaar!

  16. i guess no further extension to it. i was waiting :(

  17. @ Mihir

    Arre nahi yaar! I couldn't think of anything interesting.

  18. Wow awsome writing..loved it

  19. hey more absorbing than first part...pls dont end it this way...hope to see more

  20. @AbhayJ after long time, something that I have read in one sitting without budging away. The story didn't let me :) I am wondering how would you begin part III (if at all you're planning to)..

    May be it was all a terrible nightmare that Kira saw after she dozed off :)

    Waiting for the sequel...


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