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Old Crikey Part III

“But Antoine what Carla?” asked Philip. “He is not Lady Victoria’s son! In fact, he is not a person at all! He is a stupid dog. A bad dog. A very, very, very bad one!” Carla cried. Philip was just gaping at her. He had lost his sleep and then travelled to Paris for a dog? Good lord! No!

“It’s true Philip and shut your mouth now. I gave him away to a breeder. This is not the first time. 

Every time Antoine was lost, the Lord would replace him. The lord of the house knew we hated him, but he loves the lady so... But this time I had had enough. It tried to bite my leg off the other day! So I let him run away and did not speak of it to no one. Hence, the kidnapping was reported!” Carla told Philip.

“And what about Paris then?” asked Philip still dizzy. “Oh that, well I made up the whole thing about the torn ticket because the driver mentioned I was the last one to leave the room. And I have always wanted to go to Paris. So I am here, and I have you!” cried Carla.

No more words were exchanged as Philip blushed a beetroot red when Carla kissed him. They planned to buy another Antoine. They would marry in a little chapel and settle in that cosy cottage, Philip had always wanted.

PS: Antoine, was named Antoine as Lady Victoria once had a lover of the same name, but he never proposed!


  1. Nice twist and ending! I had vague idea that it would be a dog, but had kept me guessing. :)

  2. Woman! day by day your story telling skills are getting better n better...i thoroughly enjoyed this piece :)

  3. A very nice mystery story with a good twist but I felt the suspense ended little early ...
    actually it was good because I couldn't have waited for more had it ended in another part :D
    having said that I am reading your other stories as well

  4. @ Mihir

    :) thanks!

    @ Rash

    Thank you! Thank you!

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    Why poor Philip?

    @ Dhiman

    Thank you Dhiman! Keep visiting!

  5. @ Iggy

    I am going to surprise you the next time round! :D

  6. @ Why poor Philip?

    The poor man traveled all the way to Paris for a dog...

    If he had solved the case back home... he would still have his love.. and he would be traveling to Paris with only romance on his mind...

    And yes... he has also gone and found himself a woman with a very creative imagination :-)

  7. @ As the Mind Meanders

    Lolz true! But hey, it was his destiny! :)

  8. All is well that ends well. I loved the outcome. Nice :D

  9. yay! i knew he was a dog:)
    but i still read the piece in wonder thinking that there would be a twist inside another one!

    u weave great stories...i love them all...keep them coming...

  10. I had guessed this!!! yayyy!!! but brilliant indeed. The style very mature and propah English!!

  11. hehheeeee... that was funny and really better to understand than kira photographer wala...
    sabse mast line last wali ...she named her dog after her lover..

    happy writing :)


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