Debate: Passing thoughts and more...

To begin with, I have no clue what I am going to say or explain regarding the statement I made in my last post. It has a lot to do with my discussions with my mom and a few other factors surrounding me. This post is for eye-in-sty-in who wanted a debate!

I think the world would be a better place if we did not have a stomach or a brain' because, then without any hunger which gives rise to so many issue, the skull then an empty shell would remain calm. This is how I see it. It is only my opinion. Hunger is the root cause for so much. People die of it daily, rebellions rise, revolutions take place, wars are waged etc. Then we blame the unequal distribution of wealth and blah. But to think of it, why do we care a damn? Hunger is a just a feeling? Yeah, something so graet that it controls our heads.

If someone gets a little more to eat, then we get greedy. If it is better looking, what they have, then we are jealous and even lust to an extent stems out of it. Faust too, was hungry for power. Satan too, was hungry for attention, to be the best and be the most powerful, hence he is the fallen angel! The serpent lured Adam and Eve into tasting the succulent apples and pandemonium broke loose!

All this happened because someone was hungry for something! It is the strongest urge according to me which leads to things. This urge makes the brain work overtime. Hence, I said, no stomach and no brain would equal to a better life on earth!

Sometimes I feel, what if we all had an existence like the people in the film Matrix? We would all be controlled? And controlled by the divine light himself/herself? Which would mean, we are born on earth to fulfill some deeds and to pay for some. We comply and then just fade away. Simple, isn't it?


  1. Agreed! Without a brain, we'd never be hungry, and if we'd never be hungry...we wont gain weight!:D

  2. Hmmm... You seek to play around with the fundamental code of need and desire... you seek to play around with the fundamental code of creation and destruction... by taking away the influences... you seek to create a constant... in a constant there is no motive... no purpose... there is life... but no stimulus... everything survives and everything destroyed... in that an equilibrium... of nothingness...

  3. @ Iggy... sorry... I know you meant that to be fun.. but If you did not gain weight... how much would you weigh???

  4. And we might be in a matrix even now... maya... illusion... stimulus... no one in the matrix knew they were... :-)

    I need to get my head checked for letting you draw me into this :-(

  5. @ Iggy

    I totally missed this point!

    @ As the Mind Meanders

    Lolz. Somebody is confused!

  6. @ As the Mind Meanders

    No not confused. But why will you get your head checked?

  7. I would still say that this world needs the stomach and the brain.

    Consider say, if there were no stomach ( and hence, no hunger), no one would bother to work to earn the daily bread. There would be no commitment towards work. Inventions and discoveries would not happen, and the world at large would be nothing that a idle mass of people without any motivation!

    Similarly, if there were no brain, there wouldnt be any rational thought and intellectual stimulation behind any action.. imagine the scene if that happens!!

    I believe the stomach and the brain are the biggest motivators.. take them away.. and there is nothing left in the world!

  8. I dont want any debate..just would love to float casper like without tummy and without brains...

  9. @ Nikki...

    Yes... I have to get my head checked because this an interesting topic... and I am at work... and I am on your blog...

  10. Thanks for posting the debate... here I go... :P

    But with a brain, we have control over what we eat... how much we eat... we have a choice to control our feelings too... and if we have enough, we can share... and then more can enjoy what we are having :-) Now we can have our cake and share it too... ;-)

    PS: Perhaps people need a link to the earlier entry as well...?

  11. I have always wondered at the thought of our lives being just a dream of another larger living creature :P

  12. @ As the Mind Meanders


    @ Sujata


    @ Rahul... in City of Dreamz

    See my point is, things would have been really simpler! Ignorance is bliss sometimes!

    @ eye-in-sty-in

    True. But when do we stop wanting? Is there is a definite stop for our wants and aspirations?

    @ Arv

    Now this is a whole new dimension!

  13. v r in a matrix sweetie!! the comments here r also thought-provoking ones! i liked the one by Arv..

    P.S: pls put an archive link on your sidebar...hope i havent missed it already!

  14. @ As the Mind Meanders:

    If we are being hypothetical, why not keep it so that everyone comes to this earth with the same weight (i.e. 50 kgs) and since you have no brain or stomach, you wont gain or loose any weight!

    It's fun being hypothetical!

  15. @ Iggy...

    Good fun... assuming everyone weighs 50 kg (WHAT) at birth... Iggy! Can you imagine a fully formed man coming into the world... can you imagine the plight of the mother... The rest of womankind is gonna hate you Iggy...

    And I assume that since we cant loose weight... we don't expend energy... then how do we give birth... all hypothetically... extrapolate

    Nikki... forgive me for this... Iggy and I are having some hypothetical fun... on your comment space...

  16. Thanks to Iggy... I cant get the 50kg baby out of my head... for some stranger reason... the baby is a male... is built like Michael Jackson.. and has a moustache...

    He comes into the world... the doctor cuts the umbilical chord... the baby (??) hurts... but he does not cry... instead.. he slaps the doctor...

    Then he goes and has a bath... comes back (buck naked.. he was just born) and asks his father (obviously mother died at childbirth) for money to buy clothes...

  17. we feel hunger, love etc bcoz we have been coded to feel. Nature wants us to eat to live and love to reproduce.

    may be this is our purpose, to live and make more beings to live. may be this is what nature wants us to do or this is the only way nature can live itself.

  18. @ Iggy & As the Mind Meanders

    Please go ahead both of you!

    @ Seer

    We have different viewpoints! I respect yours!

  19. Well Matrix theory is already in application, only thing is if we agree with the concept...and Without hunger(of not just food) and without brain,..what will we do? i am just wondering

  20. @ ani_aset

    I guess this debate is endless sigh! Lolz.

  21. thats why we use the mind to control the needs n wants. why cannot the mind do that as well? if it can regulate other organs in the body, it can also regulate itself... besides that, there is what we call 'spirituality' that can help in regulation of needs n wants. If ur head hurts, one does not cut it off, solution is to find the source of the hurt and deal with it. similar argument for the stomach and brain ...

    pls remove the word verification!!!

  22. @ eye-in-sty-in

    The whole idea of this argument [according to me] was that the urges that rise from the stomach disillusion the brain easily, they are so strong. Hence th brain is compelled to do otherwise.

    And if we were controlled and were matrix-like, then there was question of anything else right?

    P:S- Now I don't know how to get rid of the word verification yaar!

  23. very intense, nikki...i love this blog..following u now!

    i just want to quote steve jobs at this point :"stay hungry.stay foolish." coz without this, life has no spice at all!

  24. I dont know what to else to say but loved all these responses. By the way, that kid is my nephew :)

  25. @ humanobserver

    Cute kid...touchwood! Thanks!

  26. Well, the world wouldnt be much of a place without brains. You wouldn't be able to discuss and blog like this.


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