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Debate: Passing thoughts and more...

To begin with, I have no clue what I am going to say or explain regarding the statement I made in my last post. It has a lot to do with my discussions with my mom and a few other factors surrounding me. This post is for eye-in-sty-inwho wanted a debate!
I think the world would be a better place if we did not have a stomach or a brain' because, then without any hunger which gives rise to so many issue, the skull then an empty shell would remain calm. This is how I see it. It is only my opinion. Hunger is the root cause for so much. People die of it daily, rebellions rise, revolutions take place, wars are waged etc. Then we blame the unequal distribution of wealth and blah. But to think of it, why do we care a damn? Hunger is a just a feeling? Yeah, something so graet that it controls our heads.
If someone gets a little more to eat, then we get greedy. If it is better looking, what they have, then we are jealous and even lust to an extent stems out of it. Faust too, was hungry for pow…

To do or not to do?

The SSC results are out! And I hope everything is great with all those who appeared for it this year. I hate going down the memory lane to reminisce about my SSC. Horrible memories there. Anyways, I was at the office today [Jam] and this boy came in with his folks.
Apparently he had scored 92 percent and he was confused. Rather his ambitious parents were confused. Should he start preparing for IIT JEE or should he prepare for the medical CET from now? WTF? I know the IIT thingy is serious and so is the medical seat, but he just got his results today? And with rainbow colours blinding your eyes from the marksheet...why not rejoice? Why mull over things that can be thought over for the next few weeks? No answer to this. Parents and their kids will never get it. I still don't. I am glad I was never this topper or something. I was average and I am. So not much expectations and hence no pressure. I do my own thing and my parents theirs.
God alone knows what will happen!


Life has been hectic or shall I stop blaming life and say I have been crazy busy? I have brought this upon myself and should have known that sailing in three boats like the Walker says is impossible. No time for myself or for any kind of fun!
Sigh enough about me. I was recently in Pune [yes! He is back!] for some work and traveled up-down by volvo. So while taking the morning bus I was seated next to this middle-aged woman. Frustrated soul I tell you! Ok, if not frustrated then khadoos toh thee hee woh! She pretended to sleep but giggled after every few minutes. Her giggling was like a banshee!
The volvos are comfortable and a smooth ride across the expressway but the movies they play are horrifying. Look, I studied film at SCM and my idea of a good film changed long back. I have no liking for sad, slapstick comedies. I cannot leave my brain aside and watch these films. But I can hardly voice my preference here. So I had to sit through the Akshay Kumar-John Abraham starrer Garam Masal…

Old Crikey Part III

“But Antoine what Carla?” asked Philip. “He is not Lady Victoria’s son! In fact, he is not a person at all! He is a stupid dog. A bad dog. A very, very, very bad one!” Carla cried. Philip was just gaping at her. He had lost his sleep and then travelled to Paris for a dog? Good lord! No!
“It’s true Philip and shut your mouth now. I gave him away to a breeder. This is not the first time. 
Every time Antoine was lost, the Lord would replace him. The lord of the house knew we hated him, but he loves the lady so... But this time I had had enough. It tried to bite my leg off the other day! So I let him run away and did not speak of it to no one. Hence, the kidnapping was reported!” Carla told Philip.
“And what about Paris then?” asked Philip still dizzy. “Oh that, well I made up the whole thing about the torn ticket because the driver mentioned I was the last one to leave the room. And I have always wanted to go to Paris. So I am here, and I have you!” cried Carla.
No more words were excha…

Old Crikey Part II

[Please forgive me for not writing the second part sooner! There is more to this. I will come with it soon! Please read Part 1 before you continue...]
The city of London was bustling as if it never slept. The morning air mixed with smog, as Philip and Carla neared the station. It was the first train to leave for Paris that morning. Last night had been crazy. Lady Victoria, as if in mourning, was being entertained by a bunch of society prudes who came over to be a part of the facade.
“Whoever this Antoine was, he had better bring him home soon!” thought Philip. Thank god, he had a typical father. Carla kept looking at Philip coyly from the corner of her eyes, and whenever they could, they stole a long glance at each other. Carla smiling mischievously and Philip beaming. As a Sergeant, Philip was well respected, and so he could demand comfortable seats on the train. Now, he was travelling with a beautiful lady in a long time!
As soon as the train pulled out of the bustling city, the countr…

Part II

[Before you start reading, please read Part I]
Kira had had enough of the snow. It was so white that it would blind her. But she had to admit, it was beautiful. Now only if the cold weren't biting into her skin, she would have been happier. She would have been happier had they told her about the second leg of the shoot too. But some people have weird ways of working, so be it. She had to walk for about forty minutes before she reached her cottage. Looks like I lost my way! Thought Kira.
Once inside, she messed the carpet with red blots all over. Wasn't the snow supposed to soak up everything? The weird gets weirder, she thought. A cup of hot chocolate would do the trick indeed! 
While fixing herself a cup, she saw the raven perched at her kitchen window. Could it be the same one? No. Don't be silly, Kira thought. All blackbirds look the same! She tried to shoo it away, but it did not budge. Whatever, it could wait for eternity if it wished. She wasn't going to entertai…

Part I

This was a different assignment. Very different one indeed. There was almost nothing that she hadn't tried before. She was a good photographer and hence, the transitions came easily. She wasn't formally trained but to simply explain her talent was to say she was gifted.
Kira kept going round and about in her office chair. She was happy the way things were turning out- she had her own little office and work was good. She was a great fashion photographer and so much more. Maybe that is why this assignment had baffled her.
What was so fascinating about blood and gore? The client had taken her by surprise. They wanted photographs of blood splattered...gore, rotting bodies lying in the snow etc. Her worried expression had made her client laugh. Of course, all this was to be staged. They were going to call a renowned makeup artist to take care of the look and the frozen park in Surrey would be the best location. Kira had smiled nervously but had agreed as the money was good and so …

Old Crikey-Part 1

Philip hated his job. What in the world had he landed himself into? Had he listened to his father he could have been a painter in Paris. Ah, Paris...the beautiful people, the cafes and the Eiffel Tower! But no, he had given into the whims of his mother and was turned into a public servant. Though a powerful one at that. 
He was Philip Sheffield, Sergeant of Police, and London City. Twenty years and his job bore him no respite. It was like he was at the beck and call of the people, the commoners, the elite and the aristocrats alike. He had no life really. He had been in love once but the lack of time for a decent courtship had her running for the butcher's son. All this while, his mother told him she was not worth him and his father had just grinned back.
But he was a good policeman. Had solved numerous cases. He had received accolades and awards for his work. Well, at least this he could brag about. A man with a balding head and a growing paunch did not have much more. He had sol…