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I received a message on Facebook sometime back from a total stranger. 

It said "hey, did you like get a glamour shot ..... done or something .... and you went to one of those malls and got yourself clicked... dont you like have any of those normal snaps or something..... like you on your stairmaster or something ... stop fooling everyone .... let us see what you really look like..." [I have a similar pic put up on FB and these are no glamour shots...I just happen to be photogenic sometimes!]

I did not even reply back. How would you react? 


  1. I would send him/her a picture of me flipping the person off. Then asking him/her if I look photogenic enough.

    Weird ass fools.

  2. Would class them as "Normal Intruder" on facebook. Bit different pick up line then ones i have heard of but nothing exciting. Not replying back is the simplest answer.

  3. no reaction is what the guy deserves..its obvious he is begging for some reaction.

  4. @ Iggy

    Weird Ass nailed it!

    @ Mihir Parmar

    Yeah... hehehee!

    @ Sujata

    I agree... I did not reply!

  5. I guess this is the bane of web2.0 space..intruders like me :P,hope you don't mind!!
    nice blog by the way.

  6. @ Rahul

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. U shud have replied: Some people generally look good...and a few obnoxious ones try hard to and write these comments...

    However, good that u did not reply :P

  8. stupid street smarts why dont these guys utilize this for useful reasons...............
    I have different view of people who are stupid,,, please keep an eye on my blog.

  9. @ Himanshu

    Hehe... i wish that guy reads my blog now! IDIOT fellow.

    @ Nikholic

    I have my eyes on your blog! Fire away!

  10. hmhm....

    if thats a pick up line, then thats the worst one i have come across...

    and if you reply to him, then of course he will sure send you something even dramatic and dumb.

    so u r better off not replying.

    and hey you have an interesting blog here.


  11. dunno what to think!
    loser guy, n good fodder for such keep sharing all such stuff:)

  12. @ Mutthu

    Lolz. Pick up lines..! Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting!

    @ Vinnie

    Looser he is! Yes I shall post weird stuff as and when they happen!

  13. hav to agree with mihir here :)

  14. u deleted the "auto tales"?
    pass my "namaste" to ur mom :)

  15. haha.. that was lame indeed.
    he does not even deserve a reaction/reply :)


  16. well.. Id actually hurl a good amt of abuses at him, for firstly even intruding into my personal space!. then prbly tell him.. It wasnt his place to be in anyways to demand fer any kinda informatn..
    .. harsh reactn of mine i guess. If dat was a stupid pick up line even, he cudve done it in many other straight methods than jus beating round the damn bush - sheepish idiots u see! but i guess, ur move was much better! :D


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