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Never crushed...

This was going to be a fiction story...but well. Actually Dreame3r's recent blog got me thinking about this. The one about crushes.

Recently all of us six cousins met up at Chints place [Chints is the oldest followed by me then sid, manu, chandu and ush]. We discussed random things, laughed, bitched and well, had a good time like always. Then someone [I do not remember who!] popped this topic of crushes. 

They all seem to have had crushes at some point of time at least. For fair skinned boy/girl who either dressed smartly or was plain hot. I had nothing to offer. 

"Ummm...I have never had a crush!" As soon as these words were out my mouth, they all roared with laughter. How can I be like this? No crushes? How come? Are you abnormal or what? Nopes. I just never liked smeone that way. Then we discussed how would we define a crush and all that. But I did not fit anywhere. Even my sister has had a crush [she seems wary of relationships yet!] and I am in a serious relationship-happily in love. So something is wrong with me. Blah. 

This takes me back many many moons ago. I had a friend in my building (boy) and we were close. But things went sour when everyone started to tease us. We decided never to talk again. I lost a good friend. I don't think that was a crush either. I was in the seventh grade! Arrrggghhh....well my cousins gave me a queer look and went on ranting about their crushes. 



  1. we term things...........and make it difficult for ourselves to decide.

  2. @ Nikholic

    Hi! I agree with you here...! Thanks for stopping by. Keep visiting.

  3. hehehehe!!!

    I have had several crushes..I still do! :P

  4. Crushes are a great pass time and quite inspirational too:) but as you say..the bottom line is "never to get crushed"

  5. @ Iggy

    I just never had any...lolz. But well I got him! //evil laughter// Lolz.

    @ Sujata

    True. I never thought of the caption like you mentioned. So I never got crushed by a crush! Hehehe!

  6. GEEZ!! never had a crush!! u r weird!!...i can think of tons of crushes off the top of my!!..;-)

  7. crush nahi hua??
    very strange...
    have u heard 'Crush' by Jennifer??
    (i keep crushing every now n then:))

  8. @ Dream'R

    Yup!no crush-vrush! Weird na?

    @ Vin

    Sigh...pata nahi mere saath hee kyu aisa hua! Lolz

  9. lucky ..He-man!! ... what else. .. hehehe

  10. :).. Small Crushes tend to add a lil spice and excitement to ones' regular lyf.... hee..

    I have crushed and gt crushed several times... :D

  11. @ Dreame3r

    Confirm with him first.

  12. @ Ashwin Kumar B

    Interesting. Lolz. Keep visitng. TC

  13. ha ha ha :)

    well this is everywhere I guess :P

    thats with teasing part and good friendship going awry

    kher well not having any crushes is not so unlikely I guess :)

  14. Good to know that..! Keep it up with your innovative imagination..

  15. @ distantcords

    Thank you for thinking otherwise!

    @ Atul

    Thanks a ton dude!

  16. I still get crushes! On actors...

    Crushes are one-way adorations, so if you're not into that, who cares?

  17. i walked through this lane, alone, smiling at those couples who couldn stop giglin at each other's ears.. holding hands and those hugs and kisses - some one save this world, i cried.. they were insane, how could someone have a crush? its eitr comited or single, but a crush? i smiled. i took tht turn to the mall only to look into her eyes, the dark blue eyes. we din talk, but her eyes asked me to hold her hands, to steal her from her self! 3 seconds, she smiled. god, i am in love! :)

  18. @ Julia Smith

    Cute! Actually I may have not found someone whom I liked that ways... :)

    @ Sawan

    Is this a story or did it really happen to you?

  19. its just a story :) i felt like writing this wen i read the post!

  20. it's a hilarious post Niki!
    my crushes have crushed me :*(
    i have moved my blog to my domain at wordpress. see it here
    try wordpress. it's awesome.

  21. @ Sawan
    Aha. Good to know that.

    @ निशांत मिश्र - Nishant Mishra

    Hello! I am glad you liked the post. Keep visiting! TC

  22. If I am allowed to discount the odd Nauheed Cyrusi or Kate Winslet, I have also led a strangely sad "crushless" life :(
    Finally, figured out that the link forwarded by you had a spelling error :)

  23. ahh... the grey area of social accomplishments! the ambiguous tight lipped smile, a dash of smartness 'n a whole lotta confusion/ even strategy... what can one say :)

  24. @ arunabh

    Welcome to the gang of the never crushed! Lolz. Sorry about the spelling error!

    @ der Bergwind

    :). Hahaha!

  25. Many Many moons ago...I liked that..!

    Via Neha!(d gypsy!)

  26. @ Rushabhh Gandhi

    Hello! Nice of you to stop by! Keep visiting! TC

  27. :D when you define something, you also limit it... the world could be your crush... why limit yourself?

    glad i found this blog... its frigging brilliant.

  28. Write waiting for your next post!!

  29. @ Little Girl Lost

    Thanks a ton!

    @ Sujata

    Yes! I have been wanting to write but running out of ideas...a little too much work!

  30. @ अनिल कान्त

    Hello! thanks a lot! Keep Visiting!


  31. ah all depends on how one defines a crush.. based on that you can have one every week or never !
    good interesting write :)

    will come back for more..


  32. @ Sharad Sharma

    Thanks! Keep Visitng. TC


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