Looking back..

Finally I have hundred posts here! Yaya... Lolz. I ave always been asked bout my blog address...why disillusioned? To answer that I would say that I don't feel so anymore but I prefer sticking to this address and the spelling of disillusioned is wrong. I always knew it but google wouldn't allow me this name any other way! 

Well I am just putting up a few links of the old posts which I really enjoyed writing. If you have the time have a dekho at them!



  1. Once again, congratulations on 100 posts :) (101 now! :D)

    And oh, I have read, enjoyed, and loved each and every post of yours, so I don't have one fav..they all are zimbly zuperb! :D

    P.S. I never noticed the spelling of disillusioned was wrong!

  2. Congratulations on completing 100 posts!! A great journey , am reading the one by one.

  3. @ Sujata

    Thanks a lot! Hope you enjoy reading them!

  4. *applause*

    Congratulations on 100 'Ire...' posts, Nikki. As you know, this is one of my favorite spots in the blogosphere.

    PS - love your new profile pic...

  5. hellos!

    Congratulations on the milestone! keep 'em comming Nikki!

    PS: Can you please take out the word verification before ppl can comment on ur posts? Its a minor irritant!

  6. @ Julia Smith

    Thank you //bows// The profile pic is my 1st anniversary gift from the bf!

    @ eye-in-the-sty-in

    Thanks! I will take that out as soon as I find out how to do it!
    Thanks again!

  7. 100 gone but only for many many more to come...

    good going man... you are doing great... keep it up

  8. Congratulations and celebrations..lalalalalalalalalala....

    100 is no mean feat. AwSM :)

    And yeah i ll go through em one by one .

    Here's to post no 1000 2 years from now. :)


  9. @ Dr. Paranoid

    Thanks dude!

    @ Aw.S.M

    1000 is a huge number...Thanks again!

  10. way to go, superwoman!
    chase on the blog dream...a never ending marathon!
    the titles r so interesting dear...will be back to read them one at a time..thanks for sharing these :)

  11. @ Vinnie

    I hope you enjoy them!


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