I have news my dear readers. I have quit my job. I am happy and sad. Happy, because it is a great relief. At least I will sleep peacefully in the nights without thinking of how much work I have to do...

And sad because I realized I was not required anymore.

I never shied away from but well never mind. Let’s say I am ready for new beginnings. I want to write and will continue to do so. In my almost one year of work, I have learnt that your first job however amazing it might be is not the end of the world.

You work and hence you are paid. No favors from either side. Never let your life revolves around your work and don't fall in love with your company. Believe me I learnt this the hard way. So I am a free bird for now and yeah...a few things coming up!

For now I am just looking forward to Bangalore...


  1. hey Nikki.. Don's get demotivated. Cherish this moment.. All da best

  2. ya..agree with atul..cherish the moment yar..know what..i left TOI mumbai after 18 yrs..people said u r making a mistake..dint know a soul in dubai..landed here and have spent 8 yrs..in fact, when u change jobs u learn more, u develop better..stagnation is dangerous..what i learnt in 18 yrs there, i learnt in 18 months here..i have understood myself far far better...sorry if i have said anything wrong..but u are a good friend..wish u well..cheers..BTW, if i can be of any help, do suggest..plzz

  3. hey make the most of this break, cos before you know it, life will take over once again

  4. Love your job, not your company!!!
    Company is gone, ur job is to write and u r good at it. Period!
    Happy Independence Day :)

  5. @ Atul

    Yes. I am cherishing the moment. Was a lil upset before though...

    @ R.Ramesh

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate it and 18 years is a real long time compared to mine! And I will definitely let you know if I need any suggestions or help!

    Thanks again!

    @ Raghav

    Yes. I have not taken a break in a long time. I always want to get on with life without realizing what I am loosing out. But I am going to chill for now (hopefully!)

    @ Himanshu

    Yes. Cheers to my independence!

  6. I hate my job, yet I still cannot manage to bring myself to do it....quit the job that is. There is always the feeling that there is something great just around the corner.
    Enjoy the time before you dive into your new job :)

  7. @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    Yes! I had started to hate my job too! And I am cherishing my new found freedom!

    Hope you are getting along fine!

  8. i am glad you quit..don't worry youll have things much better coming your way

  9. ahoy.. are u going to b'lore? after a year of bombay i have sealed it!! b'lore is the palce to be.. to live, i mean tatz a personal take n not some uber rich gyan :) just love the city, had been my home for two years of my life.. lived thru my first job before the management matrix ate me up :) n now in the maximu city... ya, sometimes i just aint know who i am? guess even existence is with a laundry list of demands!!
    hope the words n the inkpots don dry n the scribbles dance to the emotions of life n times!! all the very best 'n to cheerz to the next chapter of employment exchange :)

  10. hey....how hav u been.....
    was just going thru ur blog.....n loved it.....wats up these days? n since u'v quit ur job, u know the best way to get back on track is WRITE, WRITE n KEEP WRITING..... thats what helps me bounce back..... n reading too........
    hope u get back soon.....
    tc n keep i touch...

  11. @ Dreame3r


    @ Iggy


    @ der Bergwind

    Thanks a ton!

    @ Surabhi

    Hello! Nice to see you here and thanks! And yeah I do plan to read a lot and keep writing! Keep in touch!

  12. Nikki, I've been through several job endings where I was definitely panicked and I had to tell myself, 'You know it's always worked out before. You know it will work out again.' And it did, eventually. But you can't help going through all the ups and downs first.

  13. well condolences and congratulations.. just one doubt.. u said u r a free bird.. but why uve put butterfly's pic :P
    hehe.. btw nice blogs..

  14. @ s.H.a.S.h.I

    No need for condolences! I am just happy! Thanks for stopping by.

  15. u are coming to blore??? when??? we have to meet up..my number is 9902774401..call me!!

  16. Consider it a well deserved forced vacation! Life always gives you the best, its for you to make the most of it always! :)

  17. sometimes a change does good to us and we realize it later in life. don't worry greener pastures lies ahead. all the best.

  18. Now you have got some precious time. Think deeply what can you do for yourself in near future.


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