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Bangalore to Bombay...

I am back and boy! I missed blogging...

This was my second visit to the Garden City and lets say I was happy the way it began. The airport is lovely. Its green! [Any place with more trees than Mumbai is a green haven to me!]. I saw beautiful landscaped garden and gorgeous houses. Lovelay.

But the fun ended there. All I did was visit the Forum Mall at Koramangla for the most part of it. I tried exploring the city on my own--visited the Visheshwaria Museum and the Venkatappa Art Gallery. Saw MG Road and Brigade Road. 

Tried walking by the Cubbon Park but got followed by this pot bellied-tight-tee-wearing-south filmstar-lookalike(how he wished!). Hence had to cross the road and cut short my walk. Must say, I liked the Vidhan Soudha though.

No street shopping. Visited the Kids Kemp. Last I remember meeting tweety there but it did not feel the same. The best part was I met my friends. Aditi and Rajeev. Rajeev took me along to eat some yummy Andhra food.  It was great fun to catch up with Aditi and talk (bitch too about our Lit class).

The city is very different from Mumbai of course. Its neater. Bigger houses and a bigger city. But well, Mumbai is Mumbai. I must add- I thought I would see many Udipis but the number of CCDs in the city is....I have lost count. Not much scope for photography either!

The climate was lovely too. Just wish that June comes by soon. And hoping to write something concrete jaldi se!


  1. Yup...need June to come soon!

  2. Mumbai is Mumbai:)
    u got so many blogs..Gosh!

    Welcome to Mumbai n blogging!

    will catch up with all of them soon...

  3. Welcome back ms. bling bling! :D

  4. hi nikki, thanks for finding my blog so that i could find yours... what a cool blog you have here! loved it. loved the look, and the content, and your style of writing. i'll be back every time you write... :)

    nikki if you like my blog, please do become a follower so that i can share with you when evr i will be nice to stay in touch and read each others work...

    and here is a post you might like... do tell me what you think...

  5. @ Himanshu

    Sigh....yes yes!

    @ Vinnie

    Thank you!

    @ Iggy

    Yes...I am dying to show off the bling thing! hhehehehe

    @ Little Girl Lost

    Hello! I enjoyed reading the post you suggested and I am following you now!

  6. June is Fun. Climate's bad here. I want rains to come too!
    Bangalore sounds like a good place , the way you've precisely defined it, would love to go there sometime.

  7. Did you try out the ice cream at Corner House.i explored B'lore on my own too.infact,i stayed at koramangla :) but the place has nightmare traffic!you cant really blame them was never meant to be a metropolis

  8. @ Sumit

    Except for the climate, there is nothing to see and do in Bangalore. Go with friends... And I have different reasons for June to come soon!

    @ little boxes

    Yes! I did eat 'Death by Chocolate' and its totally worth the moolah it costs! We tried the same at Forum mall it was a rip off!

    True. I don't know the city works with nothing to see and do!

  9. My town is a sleepy town and we love it over here :).

  10. @ Brown Phantom

    Hey! I mean no offense dear. :)


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