There are too many things going on in my head. I want to say a lot of things. No actually, there is a lot to write about. But for now I want to discuss to two things.

The first is the case of incest-rape that has rocked the city. We all hooo’d and haa’d about the Fritzl case last year. And as usual most of us thought something like this cannot happen here.

But it did. The father and this so called tantrik raped the elder daughter for nine years and then turned on to the younger daughter. The mother kept mum and was ok about all this because apparently her husband allowed her to have an affair with the Tantrik. Then the tantrik goes on to say that he will get the younger one married to his son and not the older one because she has been used too many times? WTF!

What is going on? Were they thinking at all? So now we are not safe in our own houses and around our parents? It is a horrid thought. Unfortunately even though they are arrested, they can hire lawyers. Why? Isn’t it enough what the girls have suffered for so long? What is the point of calling them in the court to testify? Why make them go through everything again? Why can't such people be killed instantly and what is the need to put them to trial?

On the other hand, now the judge allows Kasab a lawyer and the state will pay for it. Why? Have we gone bonkers? Don’t we all know about 26/11? Wasn’t it enough? How can he deserve a fair trial? You and I know he was one of them? He killed god knows how many people? He was ruthless. Our people were tortured and killed. Innocent lives were taken for reason at all. And that bastard doesn’t look like he feels any remorse. So why bother? Let him rot if he should.
He doesn’t have a religion. He doesn’t belong anywhere.

My question is why can’t we just kill them the way they did? Why can't he be tortured daily and die a slow but horrifying death? Why can those three be shot dead or just be left to public to be stoned to death? Why not? How does it really matter? Maybe I sound very ruthless or whatever here. But this is how I feel. We are wasting time. And why waste so much time over four people who do not deserve at all? They should just rot actually.


  1. Well, though I do agree with you somewhat, we can't go around killing people like this..how would we be any different from the terrorist? (i think those parents were terrorists too!)

    The Indian judiciary is basically screwed up. There has to be lots of revision done so that these torturers don't get an opportunity to escape. They will suffer, but I don't think they should by instant death!

  2. @ Ms.Me

    I agree. I was agitated. But the fact remains that why should we regard them as humans?

    Sometime Tit for Tat works...

  3. The post ends defensively. Should there be a doubt about these scum bags being shot. I mean they are fed on grains and rice! Its like hospitality with a lemon twist! With all due respect to all the –isms of the world, why the hell do we always stand get whipped by politicians, terrorists, global cons et al? why are Indian citizens just the epitome of greatness and “best behavior” while Uncle Sam sends tomahawk missiles to iron out Afghanistan? Do we always have to prove a point by being brave and restraint to the point that the bubble bursts! Vulnerable, helpless and clueless and still our chauvinism gets us to stand foolish… its just sad that we are turning into a a bunch of hypocrites who just can froth and fume and then live the “slumdog” life! While the others reap Oscars over our heads

  4. If i would get a chance, i would kill such people myself! They dont deserve to live....

  5. We do not live in medieval times, do we?
    I hope I do not sound like I am defending any of those maggots. But the fact remains that a 'Tit for Tat' punishment is neither a solution nor a deterrent. If it had been so, there would have been no crimes in Taliban-land.
    And the main problem with such a kind of solution is how do you define the harshness of the punishment in relation to the crime. In Kasab's and Rathod's case the facts are pretty straight forward, but this might not be so in all cases. So how do you hand out the punishment then.
    Not to forget the banishment from the international community's if the judicial system is Talibanised.

  6. Ire it is…

    Nikki, the dastardly rape case is just ONE example. Contrary to what many people think, there are MANY kids who fall prey to perversely sexual desires of their own family members. Fathers, uncles, brothers... Unfortunately, I personally know two people who have undergone such trauma. These may not be as heinous a case but it’s a crime nevertheless!

    Its not just girls who have to face this. These situations may even occur in the so called well to do families and the victims (most of whom are either kids or adolescents) are too shocked and hesitant to bring the issue out in open.

    As for Kasab, well I do not really know whether killing him would solve the issue. There may be thousands of Kasabs roaming around in XYZ countries. If killing this Kasab can be an answer to the poor souls who died an unfortunate death, then let that be. But what about those who MAKE these Kasabs? I think those are the people who deserve death. Imagine, a person who can manufacture a terrorist is more dangerous that the terrorist himself.

    I think it was a brilliant post, Nikki. Keep it up.


  7. @ der Bergwind

    I agree. So many things...I hate it when people talk about Mumbai's never dying spirit and shit. Where is the spirit? Mumbai's soul faded long time ago...

    @ Dream3er

    Yeah! lets buy a gun!

    @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    I agree and dont agree with you. I cannot make up my mind.

    @ Ashen Glow

    Hey! When I say such people should be mercilessly, I mean to say that someone is dealt with like this...there can be hope that it becomes a little less? But in a situation like this, why do we care? Kasab's pals were killed. So kill him too.

    And I think we all know someone who has been subjected to abuse. There is no forgiveness for this.

  8. Hey!
    I totally support your stand. Its absolute injustice to the rape victims and to the victims of the 26/11 blast.

    Things are just going hay wire... I believe that it is up to us - the citizens, to set things right. The government cannot be relied upon.

  9. Life is not fair in the slightest if you look at what is in front of you. I'm a believer in karma, so things that don't seem to make sense from a standing-here-on-earth-as-myself standpoint, likely make perfect sense from a God's-Eye view. As a fiction writer, I know that the only way to bring my characters to any growth is to put them through hell and have them suffer their way towards that growth. My heart bleeds for my characters, but I do it to them anyway. I think life is exactly the same.

    No one wants to experience pain or suffering. But once we do, we usually come out of it changed and hopefully stronger to have survived it. And whenever we encounter someone in turmoil, we are being offered a chance by the Universe to show compassion and love to our fellow humans. The hardest lesson of life that there is.

    A philosophical response to a philosophical post. I hope it cheers you up to know I've got a 'Let's Be Friends Award' with your name on it, over at my place...

  10. I have nthing to say.... with the way things are.... i really dont know wat can be done.... have asked that question to myself a million times... may be not now... but some where down the line... have to do something...

    till then... just keep on writting... and make as many as ppl aware of things... i guess thts a start.. aint it?

  11. Anger! That's good, and agitated one should be.

    I sometimes feel that all anger we have now is focused on things in life that mean nothing and these are the real places we should show them

    I share your emotions in everyway,

    What we need is anger and not tears.

  12. @ Vinod Narayan

    Good point. We need anger! True! Thanks for stopping by!

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