[More tales for Anachronism and all us SCM Dollies!]

The very mention of Shilpa Shetty floods my head with memories of my journalism classes at SCM.  One could say we expected to learn a lot and pass out as journalists or at least someone who would strive to make a difference.  Well nothing of that sort has happened yet!!!  And ‘can it happen’ is a big question!

Our faculty list consisted of crème de la crème of the journalism world.  Or at least we thought so.  We had S P, P.J and K.S [Note: the names have been changed for my own safety].

I remember that S P had just won the Magsaysay award and our HOD was going gaga over him. He is and was big. Plus he sure is good at what he does. His classes were not meant to be bunked. People from different departments came to attend the class and listen to him. I, like everyone else in class was in awe of him.

We sat like bright eyed girls who tried to take in every little bit of what he had to say.  It began with rural India, moved to Lakme Fashion week vs. Vidharba farmer suicides etc.  We all felt guilty that we knew more about the fashion week and not our farmers.  He spoke about Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  And felt even worse that we are sitting pretty in a south Mumbai college [I don’t mean any offence to anyone.]

Then we learnt he spent most of his time traveling through the remote villages and we felt even worst and useless. But then time changes everything.  Slowly one realizes that this man along with being a good journalist was an enthralling storyteller [mostly his stories were true!].  We realized that he always took his class before lunch and his tales of glory ruined our appetite.  He came in a chauffer driven car and owned a sea front home. Wore fancy boots to class.  So we did continue to listen to him but used our own heads.

But the icing on the cake was the journalism paper.  Agreed, he was a busy man but why choose questions dedicated to a B grade Bollywood actress ?  And not once but twice!  Many failed in that paper by the way! Lolz call me bashful if you will but I passed and with decent marks.

Now coming to P.J-- I don’t think whatever I say or do, can do complete justice to this man.  He is weird-mad-crazy but an amazing guy.  If he could ask you to shut your trap, you could ask him to shut up.  He made his own rules. Laughed, yelled, abused, made us sing and dance in a journalism class.  I remember once while we discussed our magazine, P.J spilt his tea.  As we offered to clean, he was like "Now that would waste the two sips of tea!" and licked it off the table.  We were zapped.

He is one of a kind.  Whatever little I know about journalism is thanks to him.

About the third one-- the less said the better.  I miss SCM and I missed my reunion too. Blah.


  1. Note: the names have been changed for my own safety

    LOL..tht was way too good!!!! :)

  2. Hmmmm....I PS seems to be someone I heard of - the grandson of VV Giri.
    Methinks journalism is one of the most interesting things to study and with teachers like PJ around it is a killer.

  3. @ Himanshu


    @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee

    P.J was a killer alright! out names could get me into a life threatening situation!

  4. hahahahaha!!

    Dude..that was rubbish about everyone sitting in SPs class with eyes wide open! Most of us were snoring!

    Though, full respect to the man, and what he stands for!

  5. @ Supriya

    Lolz yeah but at least the first few classes? Ahem what happened to Iggy?

  6. Nice blog. A dark background never gets you loyal readers. Think about it.

  7. Lovely looking blog and smart writing.

  8. @ VjKrishna

    Thank you for reviewing! I prefer dark colours...

  9. Hey Nik

    Thanks for the education ! I had this awful habit in school of being in awe of people whom i thought knew more than i did. Rebellious comments would incite much undue gushing and gaping etc.

    However all that changed when my idol teachers were presented to a higher authority figure such as one of the school's funders. Pop! went the weasel and out came the sycophancy and contradiction. Eesh. What a downer it was for young me. =(

  10. @ AnnaChronism

    You know sadly people like these put up so much around them so that people like us are in awe of them. It is sad.

    But I love P.J. He is and was, just the same.

  11. PJ o PJ i love this man.......nicely put niks[:)]

  12. @ rash

    thankies swee pee!

  13. hmm well, all of you, and im trying to become a journalist without a degree.... but do you really think it matters....

    and yeah, sainath, even i was in awe of the kind of work he does.. im not sure if it matters wether you stay in a posh bunglow or wear designer clothes as long as you still do something to highlight issues, which is more than most of us do anyway...


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