I am tired. I am always tired these days. My sleep debt is way too much. I don't feel fresh or happy at all. I want a break. I seem to want a break always. I want to travel. I want to see places. DAMN! I am not sure what I am doing right now. I have tonnes of work and can't seem to get much done. I have deadlines to catch up to too!

I hate my job right now but need the paychecks. I want to write more and more. But that is not happening either. I am not sure why I am saying all this. I am stuck in a pathetic situation. Everyone I met yesterday at the fest have finally planned to do what they want to. What stopping me now I have no clue. I just hope I see a light soon.

Ignore me if you like!


  1. hmmm...why don't u marry sooner than you want to? would be a refreshing change I guess :P

  2. Listen to Gary Moore.....loha lohe ko kaat-ta hain :)

  3. i love u banno.....nd u didnt meet me at exhibition.......[;() sigh

  4. @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee


    @ Iggy

    Love you too!

    @ Human Observer

    Hmmmmm holi means holiday!

    @ Rashmi Yadav

    We partied later na? Muahs....


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