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Confessions of the heart broken...

Is it time yet?

No. Wait.

Wait, for I have 

Still to hold your hand.


To feel the warmth,

To connect to

My soul again.

My soul seethes

With desire.


A desire, so

Strong.  To

Hold you close.

To smell the

Fragrance of your


 To touch the skin

Of your face.

Your face, I cant

Get enough of it.

Those eyes burn my

Already parched desire.


A desire, so

Strong. To kiss you.

To quench my parched



Wait. There is time yet!

Isn’t there? To sit

Close to you. To sit and stare

To hear you. To hold your

Hand in mine. Words bundle up

Inside of me. I can’t say.

Can you hear my heart beat?

My heart beats just for you.

Don’t go? There is time yet?

No? please?


Go then. Go only to

Come back to me. 

And there will be time, yet again.


  1. Hmmm, good effort.
    Nice short sentences....conveys quite a lots.

    PS: The makeover looks good

  2. @ Sujoy Bhattacharjee


  3. hmmmmmmmm, good a very good effort indeed......
    cheers to love!!!

  4. @ Rashmi Yadav

    Thanks deary!

  5. There will be time...
    Why can that time come fast..
    for all the good things????????

    Loved it!

  6. Hmmm.. Very nice. Thats quite intense...

    And a very honest piece of mind... :)

    Liked it here, as always..

  7. @ AshenGlow

    Hello there! Thanks for dropping by again!

  8. This is my favorite:

    'Go then. Go only to
    Come back to me.'

    Then parting really is a sweet sorrow.

  9. @ Julia Smith

    //Bows?/ Thank you!

  10. beautiful. very deep and intense.
    i have no words to describe it.


  11. Intense and heartfelt piece of expression!
    Good job \m/...

  12. @ Dr. Paranoid

    Thank you very much!

  13. very nice...loved the look of your blog

  14. nice look ya...

    btw deep lines...and very intense at places as well...


  15. my first visit -

    read quite some, from the lohagarh travelogue, to the facts abt u aint getting time enuf to write, hating school.. et al; read abt the slept debt and that ur a good liar (lol!) was nice n easy reading thru the scribbles... ironic to the constructs they were representing..

    who can say what is a good write? we write what we feel and maybe try to draw the perimeter of emotions.. i dunno.. confessions was a nice.. but why does it end on a note where 'you have to come back' to me.. go only to come back to me...? does it ever happen, maybe in poetic justice.. wish there were such powers though!

    was nice reading the posts... in the maximum city, questions are never answered (is what i learnt)

  16. @ d Gypsy

    Thank you! I like the new Ire too!

    @ der Bergwind

    I am glad that you liked what you read here!

    And some questions are better off not answered!

  17. @ Nikki 'Ire'...
    fully agree.. sometimes there are right answers, sometimes wrong... sometimes there are no answers at all; so its important to ask the right questions.. and leave it at that :)

  18. i love this poem..going thru the exact phase right now..was super confused..i think this poem is a sign of what i should do..thanksa

  19. @ bugs.honey and some

    Hey! Thanks...but I cant see your blog! Why?

  20. was in this weird phase so depression and deleted my blog..


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