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Random as random gets...

I am taking this tag from Supriya at Out of Focus (she is my inspiration)

25 random things about me….

  1. I love red. Red is my all time favourite colour. I own five red bags and a lovely pair of red chappals. I would love to but have never dared to apply blood red nail polish.
  1. I am a prankster. But because of my so called docile appearance, I get away with almost every thing.
  1. I am a good liar.
  1. I hate cockroaches too. Ewwwww, they make my skin crawl.
  1. I watched scary serials as a kid though I was scared myself. I did this to frighten my sister.
  1. I have a very mean side to me. Although I have never been 100% mean to anyone.
  1. I have hate list and only two people so far feature on it. this is for them who have hurt me the most for no fault of mine.
  1. I want to invest in a gun!
  1. I love deep fried food! I love aloo bhaja.
  1. I have ten pairs of shoes now. I bought all of them within the last year.
  1. I can’t buy make up. I don’t own a lipstick. I am not good at choosing colours.
  1. To spite my mum I can eat non-veg. Else I would never. [We have this thing going for years. I haven't done it (eating non-veg) though!]
  1. I hated school and still feel so.
  1. I think I am a very good dancer but mostly don’t dance around many people.
  1. I am addicted toSex and the City. I love Carrie Bradshaw.
  1. I love watching Kim Possible, Shin Chan, and Lilo and Stitch.
  1. Most people feel that they can get away with anything around me. Beware, I sting!
  1. I hate people who knowingly get into the ladies 1st class compartment. I have no issues telling them off!
  1. I never give money to beggars and I am wary of charity.
  1. I am not exactly happy with my job but thanks to the recession, can’t do much about it.
  1. I LOVE HIM. This is not random. But it is what it is.
  1. I don’t take criticism lightly.
  1. My father thinks I have an attitude and a temper problem.
  1. When I don’t like someone, they would instantly know.
25. Wohoo! I never thought I could put 25 random things together! //pats the back//

I tag Himanshu, AnnaChronism,  D Gypsy and Ush (errr....please do it?)


  1. Interesting. I bet you would have thought really hard while putting all this together.. sounds like fun. Absolutely.
    And it sure would have been more fun when you read it all over again and realise that the lines joining these 25 points could define you. Nai?
    After all, self awareness is a virtue aint it...


  2. @ AshenGlow:

    Hey! Thanks. Would do you do the tag too? Please?

  3. eh....

    25 (read that in caps) random gawd... that wud be difficult and i wud sound too boring, but ill do it...

    btw, stinging bee, u've some gud collection of reds and shoes...nd the new pro pic kewl

  4. 8 and 13 hold for me

    quite random that

  5. :)

    Admit it..I am your muse :P

  6. Thanks ! Why ? Becasue you defined yourself through this post :)

  7. @ d Gypsy

    When are you doin the tag?

    @ Himanshu


    @ Humanobserver


  8. @ Raghav


    @ Iggy

    I confess...

  9. 'My father thinks I have an attitude and a temper problem.

    When I don’t like someone, they would instantly know.'

    LOL! What does your father know...?

  10. @ Julia Smith

    Hey! Hehe yeah...I am quite a brat!


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